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To fly, perchance to dream.  
about:   Join me on a humorous reminiscence of some of the high points in 20 Years of flight simming!   MiGMan  
tags:   MiGMan: Combat Diary   History   Graphics   Hardware: Historic
Microsoft Flight Simulator graphics 1998-2002  
about:   A side by side comparison of famous landmarks.
software:   Microsoft Flight Simulator 2002   Microsoft Flight Simulator 98
tags:   Graphics   Comparison   Scenery  
published:   2002   updated:   2021-04-25
Setting graphics preferences in the last of the DOS simulations.  
about:   Resolutions available in the DOS sims ranged from 320 x 200, 600 x 400, 800 x 600 to 1024 x 768.
software:   NATO Fighters
org:   Janes Combat Simulations   Electronic Arts
tags:   Graphics      
Texture Mapping is taken for granted in the 21st century  
about:   But in the 1990's it was a revolutionary step and activating it placed huge demands on the graphics hardware and specifically the CPU's of the day.
software:   NATO Fighters
org:   Janes Combat Simulations   Electronic Arts
tags:   Graphics      
Graphics | Run at high res and full screen (external link): Run at high res and full screen  
about:   "For upscaled resolutions using dgVoodoo (seriously that program is a magical thing!), make sure to use the 2.60 version. Later versions don't seem to be compatible."
software:   Eurofighter Typhoon
tags:   Graphics   Utility   Emulation  
  updated:   2020-09-20
software:   F-16 Multirole Fighter
tags:   Graphics      
published:   1998
about:   I set up the sim for an approach to runway 16R at Sydney airport. This is an approach familiar to Sydney residents on the North Shore and inner west. One of the main landmarks for the pilot on this approach is the Gladesville Bridge, which became visible as I turned the graphics settings up.
software:   Microsoft Flight Simulator 2004
tags:   Scenery   Graphics   Flight Test   MiGMan: Combat Diary
published:   2006
Changing Display Settings  
software:   Microsoft Flight Simulator 2004
org:   Microsoft
tags:   Link   Graphics    
Oct 2004 patch  
about:   "The Update will include over 160 bridge models created after authentic landmarks to replace missing autogen bridges."
software:   Microsoft Flight Simulator 2004
tags:   Patch   Image Gallery   Objects   Graphics
published:   2004
Patch Frame Rate test --/o\-- Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 --/o\--  
about:   Unfortunately I haven't yet optimised my OBS recording pipeline. OBS is running on a second PC and is introducing it's own lag and stutters. Anyway the FPS counter tallies with what I saw - a smooth experience hovering around 50fps.
software:   Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020   airport:   Aarhus   country:   Denmark     locale:   Aarhus
tags:   Graphics   Flight Test   Patch  
published:   2021   updated:   2021-04-15
Frame rate test in Microsoft Flight Sim 2020 --/o\--  
software:   Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020
tags:   Graphics   Install    
published:   2021   updated:   2021-04-22
Frame rate test with clouds and cityscape     airport:   Wattay International   country:   Laos     locale:   Vientiane
tags:   Graphics   Install    
published:   2021   updated:   2021-04-22
Frame rate test with NVIDIA game capture.  
about:   If I can work out how to stream this over the network and into OBS I'll be laughing. I think. Can OBS handle the input? I'll probably need a capture card.
I thought the NDI network plugin would do the job, but no.
software:   Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020   airport:   Beirut International   country:   Lebanon     locale:   Beirut
tags:   Graphics   Install    
published:   2021   updated:   2021-04-23
Frame rate test HD capture with Xbox game capture  
about:   For some ?? reason the capture file was only twice the size of my usual stuttery captures, at 630mb instead of ~ 300mb. That's fine, I can live with that. But - HD and no stuttering.
So the workflow changes again... I'll do the preflight - map - drone footage in OBS, do the inflight with the Xbox game capture, and splice them together post flight in Windows 'Photos' app.   airport:   Kuala Lumpur International   country:   Malaysia     locale:   Kuala Lumpur
tags:   Video   Flight Recorder   Editor   Graphics
published:   2021   updated:   2021-04-30
Prepar3d v4: Tweaks  
software:   Prepar3D
tags:   Tips   Graphics    
published:   2021   updated:   2021-03-11
F-35 at 30fps, high speed and low level | ORBX Australia v2 scenery | October 16th 2020).  
about:   After a couple of days research, asking questions on the Prepar3D forum and reading/watching some of the resources I've linked to here, I came up with a solution which satisfied my requirement of a convincing representation of the fast jet terrain hugging flight profile.
software:   Prepar3D
aircraft:   Lockheed Martin F-35 Lightning II
org:   Lockheed Martin
people:   MiGMan
tags:   Graphics   Video   Install   Install
published:   2020   updated:   2020-10-16
Such pretty lights! --/o\-- ORBX FTX Global lighting in Prepar3D  
about:   Featuring ORBX FTX Global.
software:   Prepar3D
aircraft:   Robinson R-22   airport:   Sydney Airport   country:   Australia     locale:   Sydney
org:   Lockheed Martin   ORBX
people:   MiGMan
tags:   Scenery   Graphics   Add-on  
published:   2021   updated:   2021-02-28
Graphics | Video settings (from the developer) (external link): Video settings (from the developer)  
software:   Take On Helicopters
tags:   Graphics   Configuration    
published:   2021   updated:   2021-02-21

software:   Total Air War
tags:     Graphics   Tips  

about:   Screen resolutions up to 1024 x 768 pixels, texture mapping, light sourcing... it pushed the state of the art yet was still playable on a 486 at lower settings.
software:   US Navy Fighters
tags:     Graphics    
published:   1998

about:   Texture Mapping.
software:   US Navy Fighters
tags:     Graphics    
published:   1998
Damage Modelling in Flight Simulation  
tags:   Damage Modelling   Environment   Physics   Graphics
published:   2021   updated:   2021-03-11
Evolution of Computer Graphics  
tags:   History   Graphics    
Graphics HW  
tags:   Graphics   Hardware: Historic   Hardware  
Hardware Historic: Graphics Cards  
tags:   Hardware: Historic   Graphics   Hardware  
published:   2021   updated:   2021-03-11
Scenery in Flight Simulations  
tags:   Scenery   Graphics   Environment   Objects
published:   2021   updated:   2021-02-16
Scenery Technology in Flight Simulation  
tags:   Scenery   Graphics   Environment   History of Software
published:   2021   updated:   2021-03-10
Install | The sense and nonsense of FPS (external link): The sense and nonsense of FPS  
about:   Great guide to FPS in flight sims.   Prepar3D
tags:   Install   Graphics    
  updated:   2020-10-09
Utility | WineD3D For Windows (external link): WineD3D For Windows  

WineD3D For Windows is a DirectX 1-11 to OpenGL wrapper based on WineD3D, which is an almost full implementation of DirectX used in Wine. Even if Windows supports DirectX natively, using WineD3D can enhance backwards compatiblity with older games, especially on Windows 8 and newer that don't support 16 bit screen modes. Another possible use is to emulate unsupported versions of DirectX, or porting DirectX applications to OpenGL without having to rewrite the rendering code. Please note that WineD3D is far from perfect, and many games will not work.

tags:   Utility   Graphics   Emulation   Official Site
  updated:   2020-09-20

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