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Hardware: Historic

Hardware: Historic
To fly, perchance to dream.  
about:   Join me on a humorous reminiscence of some of the high points in 20 Years of flight simming!   MiGMan  
tags:   MiGMan: Combat Diary   History   Graphics   Hardware: Historic
Hardware: Historic
Hardware: Historic
History of the Genre  
about:   The Flight Sim Museum provides a permanent and growing overview of the entire Flight Simulation genre all in one conveniently organised location.
tags:   About the FSM   FAQ   History   Hardware: Historic
Hardware: Historic
Tibibado: The first flight simulator in History.  
about:   He commissioned the construction of a replica from that plane, a German-made Rohrbach Roland able to transport 10 people and its crew. The plane was hanging from an elaborate crane rig, allowing it to fly in a circle pattern, powered by its own propeller.   Francisco Campos  
tags:   First Flight Sim   Hardware: Historic    
Hardware: Historic
The Wright Brothers: How they invented the airplane  
about:   What impresses me about the Wrights is the combination of inventiveness and persistence that they applied to solving the problems of powered flight. They were pioneers in wind tunnel testing, flight control design, and many other challenging disciplines. They also taught themselves to fly, of course, and then became the first flight instructors. They were too stubborn to give up!
aircraft:   Wright Brothers Wright Flyer   country:   USA  
people:   Russell Freedman   Bruce FlyingSinger Irving  
tags:   Engineer   History   Hardware: Historic  
software:   F-16 Multirole Fighter
tags:   Hardware   Hardware: Historic   System requirements  
published:   1998
software:   MiG Alley
tags:   History   Hardware: Historic   Aircraft  
published:   1999   updated:   2019-10-03
Game Consoles  
tags:   Hardware: Historic      
Graphics HW  
tags:   Graphics   Hardware: Historic   Hardware  
Hardware Historic: Graphics Cards  
tags:   Hardware: Historic   Graphics   Hardware  
published:   2021   updated:   2021-03-11
Hardware: Historic  
tags:   Hardware: Historic      

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