Host sims from the 2020s

Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020
  • Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020
  • date_range 2020
  • precision_manufacturing Microsoft   Asobo  
  • content_pasteAfter a 14 year hiatus Microsoft re-envisioned their flagship IP. A combination of Bing satellite mapping, cloud storage, Azure cloud computing, photogrammetry, atmospheric physics modelling and many other bespoke software technologies have delivered a quantum leap in the flight sim experience. The next decade looks to be the best yet for flight sim fans!
  • tagCivil
Project Wingman
  • Project Wingman
  • date_range 2020
  • precision_manufacturing Humble Games   Sector D2  
  • content_pasteAn action-sim-lite which satisfies the need to turn and burn!
    Just don't expect to land... or take off. But that's par for the course with this genre. HOTAS are easy to configure, this should be a role model to other developers in the combat-sim-light space. If TrackIR was supported natively it would be perfect in that regard. Project Wingman does what it sets out to do, providing a console oriented shooter with heaps of eye candy and a massive quantity of ordnance!
  • tagCombat
Super Chopper
  • Super Chopper
  • date_range 2021
  • precision_manufacturing Webfoot   Ziggurat  
  • content_paste"Climb into the cockpit of a military attack helicopter and take on five life or death scenarios, or make your own missions in the included level editor!" - Steam
  • tagCivilRotary Wing
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