F-111 Aardvark

1996 images of the F-111 by Chino

The true story behind the "Dump and Burn technology"

Cockpit details

Attack computer

July 26, 2006 - Successful wheels up landing of F-111C at Royal Australian Air Force base Amberley

RAAF base Amberley - Home of the F-111's

movie of the F-111 dump and burn

Flight sims featuring this aircraft

RAAF F-111 performs the famous 'dump and burn' - picture courtesy of Andrew Rogencamp
Andrew Rogencamp reports: "I thought you might be interested in this photo I took of the F-111 at the Gold Coast (Brisbane, Queensland) indy car race on the weekend. (14th October 2000). I was on the 30th floor of an apartment building and the fly by was at eye level. Awesome!"

Note that in this image you can actually see the fuel dump streaming into the afterburner.