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Multiple Graphics Cards Back in the late 1990's you could link up two 3DFX graphics cards, which would then process every alternate line of the display, resulting in (almost) double the frame rates.

SLI - Scan Line Interleave
FPS: Frames Per Second

In the mid 2000's this idea came back into vogue with dual or even quadruple SLI setups.

My take on this is that the performance boost is only marginal, seeing few extra FPS for quite an investment. Generally the cards have to be identical, so you are looking at an extra USD $500 plus. In my opinion that money is better spent on extra RAM, or even a new (faster) motherboard, and move your internals, case and power supply onto that!

Also remember that 2 cards equals twice the heat, and particularly twice the noise!

Lastly, and this is a deal-killer for many flight sim fans - the ability to run Multiple Monitors may be compromised with a dual card SLI setup.

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