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Exhibit: F-15

Takeoff in an F-15E

Sean Long, Eagle driver talks about taking off in a clean F-15E:

Engines to 80% on static run-up, check temps and oil pressure.
Throttles to Max, release brakes.
AB stage one KICK, check nozzle swings.
AB stage two, already 135 knots so pull stick back to seat pan.
AB stage three, plane leaps airborne before 1000 ft roll.
Throttles back to mil, pull nose up a bit, raise gear/flaps before overspeed.
Gear up, throttles back to MAX and level off.
Stage one - two - three - four - five - end of runway coming up, 500 knots


Stick back, only 6 G's because the MX forms are loose in a rack that usually holds a radar transmitter.
Nose 85 deg up, back to min AB
Passing 10k, roll and pull 6 G's to level off on heading
Roll upright, tell departure I'm airborn level at 15,000 ft, still doing 350 knots and accelerating again.

All in less time than it took you to read that :   )