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Brian McKenzie's F/A-18

This is a great looking F/A-18 cockpit.

"I started with the idea approx 10 yrs ago (1990), the sim as it stands now was started 2 yrs ago.

As I guess you would know, every time someone builds something it looks great, but a month later it gets re-built again because other ideas emerge to enhance a panel to make it more realistic. The sim is built from scratch, I am however searching Ebay every day for instruments to replace the printed gauges. I am almost there with this new idea.

The software I'm using is FS2000, (FS2002) when released, and Project Magenta for the MFD's. I chose that particular software package due to it's reality in regards to navigation, although as soon as a combat sim is released with the potential as MSFS has I will soon be changing. I did consider Janes F/A-18 Hornet, the sim is great but I wanted some sort of activity going on inside the cockpit in relation to instruments.

The biggest problem here in Aust is the cost of aircraft parts and especially the freight to Aust, the guys in the States don't know how lucky they are when it comes to access to parts.

Primarily I would say it's an IFR/VFR sim with the ability to get out charts and plot a course to get from A to B. Originally the aim of the project was to have a replica of the Hornet, but that was not to be, which I'm disappointed with."

Brian's homepage has lots of pictures of this fine 'pit.

Brian McKenzie's F/A-18 cockpit

The biggest problem here in Aust is the cost of aircraft parts