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Nexcient GameSeat

From Dave Tonnes, designer of the GameSeat:

"I was dissatisfied with my old computer gaming setup. Having my joystick & throttle on the desk just wasn't comfortable. So I developed a seat that put the joystick & throttle where they belong: low and to the side.

The joystick trays are angled so your wrist doesn't have to bend uncomfortably to reach the buttons & manipulate the joystick. There are padded elbow rests so that your arms can rest comfortably at your side. As a finishing touch, we offer a "shaker" with built-in amplifier which provides tactile feedback from the audio source's bass sounds. This is our next-generation design, offering improved versatility because of the hinged side trays and adjustable base.

Now the GameSeat isn't just for gaming...it makes a great general-use, executive-style computer chair."

Nexcient's website - www.gameseat.com -  >> 2006 update - web page is gone << 

Nexcient GameSeat

Flying mode

Nexcient GameSeat

Work mode