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The Real Cockpit

" The TRC 372 ATD is an affordable and versatile entry-level Aircraft Training Device.

... it uses mechanically driven instruments utilizing servomechanisms and electronics. It is a faithful, realistic copy of the instrument panel of the Cessna 172 Skyhawk, with all instruments in the exact same position as in the real aircraft. With fully functional knobs and dials that you can adjust exactly as you would in the original aircraft.

Imagine adjusting the dials to set the barometric pressure on your altitude indicator, to change course or to adjust your autopilot on your heading indicator - not to mention the VOR1and VOR2 with adjustable OBS and all the needles and indicators functional and working.

... all this is driven by a PC-based Microsoft Flight Simulator 2002.

The connection between the complete panel and your PC is made through only a single USB connection. Out of the box, on the table, connect to your PC and it works. "