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Analog rudders with a USB stick

Bob Church has devised a way to get your separate rudder pedals working with a USB stick. I was hanging out for this so I could get my Thrustmaster Rudder Pedalsworking in tandem with the Top Gun Afterburner II.

The basic idea is simple:

In Bob Church's words:

"It's a general purpose fix and will work with any analog pedals.

The driver just reads the R axis, then returns it on X and Y both. This fools Windows into thinking it is looking at a conventional joystick with 2 axes. The cursor runs diagonally in the Game Controllers test screen when it's working.

The biggest group of users are the Saitek guys - they use it to get external pedals operating. It sees some use with FlightSim and other multi-controller sims, too, since it allows using analog pedals with USB sticks. It's all W9x only, won't work with 2K or XP.

The rudder shows up as another joystick. You need a sim where you can assign the rudder function to X or Y on Joystick #2, and unassign the rudder function from whatever you've got for a primary controller.

There are a few problem children. European Air Warfor example, will always take the highest Joystick ID available and ignore the others, so running RddrOnly as Joystick 2 ends up with it being your only controller. So long as you can control assignments, though, it will work just fine."

Get the files "RddrOnly" and "joyregs" from the FILES page at www.stickworks.com.