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MiGMan's Saitek Guide - Fix your "sticky keys"

Note: These tips apply to the analog version of the X-36

Some users of the Saitek X36 have encountered occasional "sticking" of the Shift, Ctrl, or Alt keys during use of their PCs when X36 is attached. We have been working on an effective solution for some time, and we have created an update which stops this problem in almost all cases tested so far. We have released the beta version on our website.

To download the update and read the usage information, go to www.saitekusa.com/support/x36/stickykeys.phpl - Saitek tech support  >> 2009 update - web page is gone << 

Follow the instructions explicitly, and sticking keys should be a thing of the past.

We will also soon release an update of the software, which includes this fix, provides cable-free adjustable speed mouse cursor support, and some alternative keys not currently supported . Thank you for your patience in waiting for us to correct a challenging isue."

Mark "Specter" Starrett
Application Specialist
Saitek Industries Ltd
Last edited Nov 2009