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Saitek in the Flight Sim Museum Saitek in the Flight Sim Museum Saitek in the Flight Sim Museum
Exhibit: Saitek

Comments: There was a time when I flew in MiGMan's MiG-pit Mk-I with 120 functioning switches and buttons. It worked, but what a pain in the khyber it was to reprogram it! In December 1997 Saitek brought out the PC-Dash, a device which when combined with the X-35/36 programmable joystick and throttle effectively replaced my whole cockpit!

As of 2018, Saitek has been acquired by Logitech.

Where it all started for me: the Saitek X-36

Saitek X-36

Repairing the X36 Analog Stick. The new version is USB and the insides are quite different!

PC Dash

The PC Dash could pretty much replace an entire cockpit!

Saitek PC Dash 2

Note: This information is provided freely and based on my own experiences. If you have specific questions regarding the Saitek gear please ask:
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