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Exhibit: Saitek

Saitek - the latest info

March 2001

NEW PC Dash released

It's finally coming! We have confirmed shipment dates and we will be shipping P8000 (PC Dash 2 from our on-line store approximately May 1.

P8000 is a graphical command pad with 35 programmable positions, two fire/shift buttons and an 8-way hat. It can be configured for a wide variety of complex macros or commands, so its great for flight sims , strategy games or even web browsing.

Best Regards,

Mark Starrett
Application Specialist
Saitek Industries Ltd.

MARCH 35th, 2000

Saitek has just released new software for the X36 USB, Cyborg 3D USB and GM2 Action Pad and Mouse. the software, sge1_3.exe is available at USA site.

www.saitekusa.com/support/files/other/sge1_3.exe - CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD sge1_3.exe  >> 2009 update - web page is gone << 

www.saitek.com/support/files/other/sge1_3.exe - or FROM THE UK SITE  >> 2009 update - web page is gone << 

Recommended procedure is to just run this install over older versions. As usual, you should make sure you have the latest software version of Win 98 with Service Pack 1 or Win 95 with all patches, and DirectX 7.0a

Mark "Specter" Starrett
Application Specilaist,
Saitek Industries Ltd

Bob Church's Stickworks has a freebie driver that will substitute the CH USB pedals for the rocker on the X36 and let it work with most sims on ID #1. It's on the "Files" page at his site.

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