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Cleaning the pots

Q: How do I clean my pots?

A: Sometimes the electronic "noise" from a pot is due to foreign material (dirt) dirt being present between the moving surfaces.

CRC cleaner
If this is the case then cleaning with a product like "CRC Switch Cleaner Lubricant" may remove the offending matter. This product or similar is available from electronic supply shops.

Open your joystick and liberally flood the offending pot with the cleaning fluid, taking care not to get any on the surrounding circuit boards.

The tools you will need are shown at right, an Allen Key and a Phillips Head Screwdriver.

NOTE: This advice is only good for analog type joysticks. The newer devices use optical sensors and don't need cleaning.,

Note: This information is provided freely and based on my own experiences. If you have specific questions regarding the Saitek gear please ask:
Go to the Saitek Web site
Last edited Nov 2009