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Comments - There was a time when I flew in MiGMan's MiG-pit Mk-I with 120 functioning switches and buttons. It worked, but what a pain in the khyber it was to reprogram it! In December 1997 Saitek brought out the PC-Dash, a device which when combined with the X-35/36 programmable joystick and throttle effectively replaced my whole cockpit!


Saitek X-36
Setting up the X36 quickly
Repairing the X36 Analog Stick. The new version is USB and the insides are quite different!

What is a pot?

Clean the pots

X36 Dissasembly
X36 Dissasembly - 02
X36 Dissasembly - 03
X36 Dissasembly - 04

Solder in the new pots
X36 Reassembly

X36 Pot specs
Fix your sticky keys

PC Dash

Saitek PC Dash 2
Repair the PC Dash

How should I program the PC Dash?
Download MiGMan's PC Dash graphics
PC Dash 2

Latest info
Saitek Links

Note: This information is provided freely and based on my own experiences. If you have specific questions regarding the Saitek gear please ask:
Go to the Saitek Web site
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