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Sega R-360
Sega R-360

" The object of this game is to pilot an F-14 jet fighter and shoot down as many enemy planes as possible. This video was taken in my shop. It shows what happens when you get hit by the enemy. This spin is shown at actual speed. "

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The Sega R-360 preservation project
Back in 2000, in a true story which might be told in full some day .... WINK ! ... MiGMan was invited to spend a day checking out Sega hardware at a popular entertainment venue.

The device which most caught my eye was the Sega R-360, a cockpit with an amazing

full 360 degrees of motion.

With the motion toned down, added controls, and linked to any of the great software we all know and love, this would be an unbeatable sim experience in your basement / den / playroom.

Now there's a project for someone!

In the meantime there are devoted individuals keeping this iconic piece of arcade hardware up and running...

Kevin Keinert - the world authority on R-360 restoration
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The Sega R-360 preservation project