HOTAS Warthog: Axes |

HOTAS Warthog: Axes

My mappings

I found the suggested mappings to be quite confusing. There are 10 axes available in Direct X.

Here are mine, and the logic behind them. I approach them in this order:

  1. Joystick
  2. Rudder
  3. Throttle

See my notes below.

HOTAS Warthog: Axes

Warthog name Direct X Comments
JoyX, JoyY DX_X_AXIS, DX_Y_AXIS Joystick pitch and roll. Makes sense. X and Y are the most basic axes needed to fly.
(Rudder)RIGHT, LEFT, RUDDER DX_XROT_AXIS, DX_YROT_AXIS, DX_ZROT_AXIS Right and left toe brakes, rudder.
Makes sense to assign all the "ROT" axes to the rudder, whichever rudder pedals you have. Just makes it easier to remember.
Throttle right, left DX_THROTTLE_AXIS, DX_Z_AXIS Makes sense to assign the DX_THROTTLE_AXIS to the right throttle in a split throttle setup, as you may want operate the throttle with just the right throttle. Throttle left is assigned DX_Z_AXIS because that's the only DX axis left out of the 10 available!

Of course in a single throttle quadrant like the HOTAS COUGAR you'd want to assign it to DX_THROTTLE in any case.
SCX, SCY MOUSE_X_AXIS, MOUSE_Y_AXIS The mouse controller on the throttle.

From the T.A.R.G.E.T. manual

HOTAS Warthog: Axes