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HOTAS Cougar

Paint: conditions of use

" When we remember that the average paint coating is only about two thousandths of an inch in thickness and we consider, at the same time, the number of different factors on which its durability depends, we may well wonder, not that failures and defects sometimes occur, but that they do not take place far more frequently.

Certain defects in painting work are inevitable - that is to say, they are due to circumstances which could not have been anticipated and against which it would not have been reasonable to take special precautions.

Rain or fog may suddenly occur... painted metalwork may be exposed to an abnormally high temperature... conditions such as these will impose a greater strain on paint, no matter how good or how carefully applied the latter may have been, than it can bear, and it would be unreasonable to blame anyone for the breakdown.

From This web link is no longer valid http://www.bozzle.com/i_TSmain.phpl

MiGMan's own Cougar throttle

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