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HOTAS Cougar: Paint and moisture

" Outside moisture... can penetrate a paint coat and result in cracking, peeling, discoloration and premature paint failure.

Dark colors which absorb heat and thick paint coats are more likely to blister than white paints or thin coats.

Elimination of the moisture problem is the only practical way to prevent moisture blisters in paint. The moisture source should be identified and eliminated.

If blistering does occur... scrape off the blisters, smooth the edges with sandpaper and spot paint the area. "

  • Baked-on enamel surfaces such as used on automobile exteriors are the most durable.
  • Metal having had a metal primer applied first to a spotless, grease free surface, and dried, with a second coat of paint or enamel is next in durability.
  • Paint or enamel applied directly to a metal surface is least durable, and more subject to bubbling, peeling and chipping than either of the above methods.

From Michigan State University Extension

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