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The USDC Space Cockpit

The USDC cockpit site

This is not your garden variety cockpit. For a start - it has room for 5 crewmembers!

The Flight Deck

This is not really a cockpit... more the Starship Enterprise!

EFIS Console

The EFIS (Electronic Flight Information System) has thirteen (13) displays, two of which are fully selectable by the crew, two offer interactive queries and diagnostics (Flight Computers), and the remainder show dynamic information necessary for different phases of flight.


... nice to see something recognisable! A throttle control.

The overhead control panel which is mounted between the two crew seats contains 90% of the switches, dials, and locks that it takes to fly the simulation. There are 12 individual panels with distinct categories from power distribution to life support. The panel is backlit when in operation for ease of locating different system toggles. The response is almost instantaneous with verbal notification from the primary computer core, on the EFIS screens, or a combination thereof.

The USDC cockpit site

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