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Image Gallery comparison:

These comparison tables will be gradually populated in 2020 as I migrate the Museum exhibits and artifacts to the new schema.
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Sim Year See the galleries Sample images
1980Image Gallery_sw template: Image Gallery comparison_sw template: Image Gallery comparison
1995Image GalleryA-10 Attack: Image Gallery comparisonA-10 Attack: Image Gallery comparison
1996Image GalleryA-10 Cuba: Image Gallery comparisonA-10 Cuba: Image Gallery comparison
1989Image GalleryA-10 Tank Killer: Image Gallery comparisonA-10 Tank Killer: Image Gallery comparison
1999Image GalleryA-10 Warthog: Image Gallery comparisonA-10 Warthog: Image Gallery comparison
1997Image GalleryAces Collection: Image Gallery comparisonAces Collection: Image Gallery comparison
1992Image GalleryAces of the Pacific: Image Gallery comparisonAces of the Pacific: Image Gallery comparison
2000Image GalleryEnemy Engaged Comanche vs. Hokum: Image Gallery comparisonEnemy Engaged Comanche vs. Hokum: Image Gallery comparison
1987Image GalleryFalcon: Image Gallery comparisonFalcon: Image Gallery comparison
Image GalleryMACE: Image Gallery comparisonMACE: Image Gallery comparison