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Installation comparison

These comparison tables will be gradually populated in 2020 as I migrate the Museum exhibits and artifacts to the new schema.
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Title Box Year About Read more
_sw template _sw template 1980original instructions or experienceRead more
421C Golden Eagle 421C Golden Eagle 2002Read more
757 Professional 757 Professional 2003Read more
Enemy Engaged Comanche vs. Hokum Enemy Engaged Comanche vs. Hokum 2000One of the best pieces of news to me was that 'Enemy Engaged: Comanche vs Hokum' is backward-compatible with Enemy Engaged - Apache vs Havoc, meaning you still have access to the campaigns and flyable helos from AvH. That of course is if you have AvH installed - if you don't, and you have a PC 300 Mhz or faster and a 3D graphics card, then run out and get it!Read more
F/A-18E Super Hornet F/A-18E Super Hornet 1999My Celeron-466 was pretty close to DI's recommended minimum, the only difference being a Creative 3D Blaster Banshee and the sim was very playable on it.

In 1999 I was able to run the sim with this level of detail on a Celeron-466 233Mhz with no apparent slowdown! I had to turn some of the detail and distance sliders down, but put micro-texture on FULL to get the great sensation of speed at low level. The resolution was set to 800 x 600 as 1024 x 768 made the HUD too hard to read on a 15" monitor. Jerkiness was visible, but tolerable while on the carrier deck, but in the air things smoothed out. We also tried the sim on a P350 with the same graphics card and 256 meg of RAM. Running at 1024 x 768 with ALL the graphics options maxed out the sim was as smooth as silk.
Read more
Falcon Falcon 1987Ran straight from the floppy on my Atari ST. Ran perfectly well on my mate's IBM, although if course it didn't look as nice!Read more
Flight Commander 2 Flight Commander 2 Read more
IL-2 IL-2 2002Q: How do you manage to run il-2 without any stutter?
A: Tune things down, run vsync from within the sim, cap the fps to 60 (=my monitor's refreshrate) from within the sim. It works on my end. Robin Takolander
Read more
MiG-29 - Deadly Adversary of Falcon 3.0 MiG-29 - Deadly Adversary of Falcon 3.0 1993GOG: Falcon Gold collection. Installs and configures itself in DOSBOX. Frame rate is low - I remember it running very smoothly on my 486.Read more