• Falcon BMS: Installation
  • content_pasteGo to Steam and download the original falcon 4.0 (not allied force) then go to and sign up (for free) click on forums and the click on updates click BMS 4.34 and download using the provided torrent link.
  • airline_seat_recline_extraFalcon BMS
  • local_airportGeneral Dynamics F-16 Falcon
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  • compare_arrowsv4.0  (external link)
  • v4.0
  • content_pasteBAT 4.0 contains all the common data and the WAW module only. WAW - World At War contains all the planes, ships and vehicles for the WW2 era. More than 1250 planes and countless objects, vehicles, ships...'
  • airline_seat_recline_extraIL-2 Sturmovik: 1946: Battlefield Airborne Tactical
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  • Why so difficult?
  • content_pasteI bought this on Steam in December 2020 and somehow got my HOTAS to work. Cut to May 2021 and no joy. And several hours of trying every combination in the Steam settings and remapping my HOTAS to the most basic configuration. Why so difficult? I appreciate that these games were designed for consoles. A clear how-to-guide from Steam is surely not too much to ask for? The same problem exists with Ace Combat 7.
  • airline_seat_recline_extraJanes Advanced Strike Fighters
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