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Dan Crenshaw  
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about  Dan Crenshaw, prolific flight sim journalist at www.simq.com, made this generous donation of classic flight sims to the Flight Sim Museum Collection at Christmas 2001. Thank you Dan!

Combat Flight sims

  • Aces Over Europe | 1992
  • Air Warrior SVGA | 1992
  • ATAC - The Secret War Against Drugs by Microprose | 1992
  • Apache | 1995
  • Harrier Jump Jet | 1992
  • iF-16
  • Incoming
  • Jetfighter II - Advanced Mission Disk
  • LHX Attack Chopper | 1991
  • Overlord
  • Pacific Strike
  • Red Baron Mission Builder
  • Reach for the Skies: Battle of Britain | 1993.
  • Strike Commander
  • ThunderHawk
  • WW2 Air Force Commander

Civil Flight sims

  • Microsoft Flight Simulator 4
  • Europe 1
  • Fly the Grand Canyon
  • Microsoft Flight Simulator 5
  • Japan
  • New York for MSFS5
  • Paris Scenery for MFSF 5
  • Professional Flight Collection Vol.II - The Next Generation
  • Rescue Air 911
  • San Francisco
  • Tahiti

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Len Viking 1 Hjalmarson  
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about  Len Hjalmarson was one of the co-founders of www.combatsim.com, which was the one of the first serious and comprehensive websites that focussed on combat flight sims. He has established himself as one of the few journalists who specialised in writing about combat flight sims and had a massive output with an accessible and thorough style.

In 2004 Len moved into developing commercial addons for combat sims - www.combatplanes.ca.

Len has dedicated his passion into other areas in recent years. Flight sim fans will always remember his contributions to our hobby with gratitude.
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Scott Zuma Wolf  
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