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  • The Golden Years:- 50 years of the RAAF The Golden Years: 50 years of the RAAF
    Exhibit: RAAF in Korea

  • Simulating Reality Simulating Reality
    Exhibit: Simulating Reality

    Description: X,Y and Z axes, vectors, ray tracing, polygons, texture mapping, these and many more are the tools used to model real events inside a mathematical simulation.

  • Weapons of War Vol.1 'Fighters'  Weapons of War Vol.1 'Fighters'
    Exhibit - Weapons of War Vol.1 'Fighters'
    Release Date - 2009
    Platform - DVD
    Developer -
    Publisher - imp
    In collection - Vol.1 "Fighters"
    Comments - An adequate base level introduction to the subject. Afficionados will find the information too shallow. Content comprises a 40 minute documentary with stock footage and a single voice-over. The ""hard cover book"" is a 24 page booklet nested in the DVD case.
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  • RAAF Amberley (Home of the F-111) base visit, 1995
    Exhibit - Indexes
  • MiGMan logo
    Exhibit: Videos by MiGMan

    Release Date: Various
    Platform: YouTube
    Developer: MiGMan
    Publisher: MiGMan
    In collection: Yes
    Comments: Videos uploaded or authored by MiGMan.

  • WWI Gun Training
    WWI Gun Training
  • World War II
    Exhibit: World War II

    Description: From 1939-1945 the entire world was embraced by a conflict between the Axis powers of Germany, Japan and Italy versus... just about everbody else! This conflict shaped the world we live in now.

  • ZZAP! 64 magazine
    ZZAP! 64 magazine
  • Fiction