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Can I learn to fly in a flight sim? Can I learn to fly in a flight sim? Can I learn to fly in a flight sim?
Exhibit: Can I learn to fly in a flight sim?

Chino wrote this thorough article in the year 2000 using FLY!. Read on as he ventures back into real flying and sees just how useful flight sims can be as you learn to fly.

Night Moves

" Although I had flown one local night flight to practice landings, I had trouble getting the rest of the requirements done.

Winter weather and schedule conflicts kept delaying my night flights at ORH (one flight was to be yet another dual x/c to CON, but at night - all required night work for the private pilot rating is dual). Finally I had a business trip to Los Angeles and decided to try some night moves out there.

I scheduled a night x/c with a CFI from Chino (CNO) to Palm Springs (PSP) and back. The combination of night flying, unfamiliar terrain, new glasses, and heavy ATC comms was bit overwhelming, but the CFI helped me out and it went OK. I followed the I-10 Freeway through the Banning Pass into PSP, steering well clear of the 10,000 foot mountain to my right and the 6,000 footer to me left.

On the same trip, I also scheduled a night-landing session at El Monte (EMT), completing my 10 required night landings (all to a full stop). Around this time I also took the FAA knowledge exam (still called "the written" even though it's done on a computer). I had studied a lot and got 98% on the test (one wrong out of 60 questions).

I had prepared mainly by self-study (various books and the Jeppesen FliteSchool CD-ROM course). "

Night flying in FLY!