Can I learn to fly in a flight sim?

Yes and no.

Chino has compiled this extensive report for your delectation. Read on as he ventures back into real flying and sees just how useful the virtual cockpit is!

First an important disclaimer
... and a further disclaimer
How does the scenery compare?
What is similar?
What's Different?
What can I do?
What can't I do?
Other notes

My house and ORH (the airport)

June 5th - First Night Flight
June 13th - Starting to Get it!
July 29th - First solo! ! !
August 5th - Mini Cross Country
Sept 10th - First Dual Cross Country Flight

In my flight bag

Checking out the Piper Warrior
Germany in a Mooney

Finally Chino gained his Private Pilot licence...

Dual cross country
Solo cross country
Mr. 7777

Night Moves

Long solo cross country

Check ride prep time
The Big Day (May 14, 2001)
Mistakes I made

Get a grip !

I'm still amazed at the great effects even tiny changes in yoke or nose position can make on performance - it's less "yank and bank" than "pull back a few millimeters.

Chino slam dunks it at ORH Airport Massachutets

The background sound playing on this page is from - Microsoft Combat Flight Simulator (1998)