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Tom Clancy

Tom Clancy is usually credited as being the author who created the "techno - thriller" genre. He certainly played a major part in it's development.

He took the traditional "thriller-espionage" genre and added technical accuracy and procedural information which had previously only seen the light of day in official instruction manuals.

Clancy co-authored Red Storm Rising with Larry Bond. This is an epic of the genre. Covering a war on land, sea and air between the Soviets and the West is a big undertaking. I've read my copy so many times it has fallen apart... time for a new one!

Red Storm Rising with Larry Bond.

Jack Ryan adventures:

Other thrillers:

Reference books

Fiction Series (co-authored)

The Net Force series is co-written with Steve R. Pieczenik. I haven't read these but I did see the movie which was darn good! The plots revolve around a crack FBI outifit set up in 2010 to battle cyber crime.

Clancy's series about a hi-tech Government organisation for fighting unconventional battles. I haven't read them - they are co-written with Steve Pieczenik. Some like them, some don't - follow the links to Amazon and you can read excerpts and make up your own mind.