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In 1968-69 J.D. Wetterling flew 268 combat missions in an F-100 in Vietnam and was awarded two Distinguished Flying Crosses, fourteen Air Medals, and the Vietnamese Cross of Gallantry. He was Top Gun in every fighter squadron in which he served in the USAF.

J.D. Wetterling's airbase in Vietnam

J. D. Wetterling's web site

About the F-100 Super Sabre: For an extensive history of this century series plane visit this site: Tacair press


Son of Thunder
Son of Thunder cover art

J. D. Wetterling's airbase in Vietnam, 1968-69.  It's interesting from a flight simmer's point of view - the terrain is dead flat and the coastline is straight. If we saw this in a sim we'd complain about the lack of realism!
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