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Flight Test your sim aircraft

What better way can you think of to spend a fun evening with family or friends than testing the flight models of your favourite sims? I guess for a lot of people that is a rhetorical question...!

Disclaimer: I am not a test pilot!! These procedures are ones I evolved while flying my favourite combat flight sims. Some of the results are designed to be helpful in the heat of combat. For example, it is pretty helpful to know how much altitude you need to complete a Split-S manoeuvre!

Anyhow, if any actual test pilots would care to share their procedures with us we would be most grateful!

What is Flight Testing?
Common Terms used

The test procedures are presented in a sequence which enables data to flow on from one test to the next. Some tests cannot be performed without data from the preceding tests. Many of these tests are designed to be performed contiguously (one after the other) , in 1 sortie if possible.

Max Speed in level flight  
Vclimb Vclimb
Stall Speed  
Fuel Flow  
Graph paper  
Split S recovery heights  

Su-22 Fitter from USAF
Su-22 Fitter from the Jane's sim USAF.