Add-ons for the Microsoft series of civil simulations - 1980 - 1989

Before 1980

Flight Simulator 1
Title - Flight Simulator 1
Host Sim - SELF
Release Date - Before 1980
Developer - Bruce Artwick
Publisher - SubLogic
Comments - Flight Simulator 1 was one of the first flight sims released for personal computers. A whole generation of flight simmers was hooked for life on the wire frame graphics and the "dogfighting" in the Sopwith Camel. The Graphical spendour rested mainly in the mind of the player - but it was a beginning!







Title - Flight Simulator 2
Host Sim - SELF
Release Date -
Developer -
Publisher -
Comments - At the time, there were three 6502 versions of FSII. There was one for the Apple II, one for the Commodore 64 and one for the Atari 800.

When the the Atari ST and Amiga were introduced (which ran the Motorola 68000 processor), new versions were released for those machines, for the Tandy and for the MacIntosh through Microsoft. The versions of FSII for the 6502 processor DID have solid filled graphics not just wireframe.

There was only 6k memory allotted for scenery so a sophisticated system of loading parts of the scenery was devised. The whole FS world was big enough to properly place and scale landmarks and airports relative to each other. That was accomplished by a brilliant hybrid coordinate system that Bruce Artwickdeveloped. Also, the simulation was sophisticated enough to support instrument navigation.




Flight Simulator 3


Microsoft Flight Simulator 4
Title - Microsoft Flight Simulator 4
Host Sim - SELF
Release Date -
Developer -
Publisher -
Comments - Flight Simulator launched thousands of airmchair pilots into their virtual careers. It even sparked the interest in a real aviation career for some.

Microsoft Aircraft and Scenery Designer - Spanish edition
Title - Microsoft Flight Simulator Aircraft and Scenery Designer
Host Sim - Microsoft Flight Simulator 4
Release Date - 1989
Developer -
Publisher -
Comments - It was the open architecture of the Microsoft flight sims that encouraged the publication of utility programs like this and got thousands of flight fans the world over involved in making the Flight Sim World more and more realistic.

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