Land Combat Sims 1990-1999: Ordered by Title

ExhibitTitle Comments Year Thumb
A Fistful of TOWs 1998
AK47 Republic 1997
Allied General 1995
Close Combat 1: Invasion Normandy Close Combat set a new standard in Real Time Strategy games.

It was based on the long running Squad Leader series of table-top simulations, and not only did it model weapons and terrain - but also the psychology of each individual soldier.

This was revolutionary because it meant that those little guys would no longer necessarily obey your every mouse click. The little soldiers react to events around them and interpret your orders according to their fatigue and morale. To players like myself who whetted their Real time Strategy teeth on Command and Conquer and Dark Reign, this added great subtlety to the gaming experience, or should I say it required much more subtlety in command to get results.

On the plus side, and this is pure joy.... the little fellows make intelligent use of any available cover, using trees, undergrowth, walls, buildings, trenches... any available cover. They'll also go to ground when under fire... crawling if necessary to limit their exposure to fire. Now this was a definite bonus!
Close Combat 2: A Bridge Too Far Close Combat 2 - A Bridge Too Far starts on December 17th, 1944 and takes you through Operation Market Garden. 1998
Close Combat 3: The Russian Front Cycling through these steps in battle will help you keep on top of things. The fluid nature of Close Combat precludes winning with any rigid set of tactics. Close Combat 3 was the most enjoyable and challenging real time strategy game I'd ever played at that time. Exhibit includes MiGMan's 6 Steps to Victory. 1999
Command and Conquer The Command and Conquer series was a brilliant concept which revolutionised strategy gaming. Some say for the better - some say for the worse.

I say for the better, because it allowed a quick and easy entry into the world of simulated ground battle. The genius of the designers was to create an engrossing plot with accessible gamplay with scalability of difficulty. Personally I have spent faaaaarrrr too much time playing these games.... over and over.... !
Crossfire 1996
Dark Reign I first ran Dark Reign on a 486-DX66 ... and it ran very well! At the time I was undecided between getting Total Annhilation, which had also just been released, and Dark Reign. The salesman reckoned that my poor old '486 would have a better shot at running Dark Reign since TA used a lot of polygons on screen. Anyway it ran very smoothly. 1995
De Bellis Antiquitatis 1990
Delta Force 1998
Delta Force 2 1999
Earth 2150 1998
M-1 Tank Platoon II 1998
MechWarrior 3 1998
Pacific General 1997
Panzer General 1994
Panzer General 3D 1999
Panzer General II 1997
Panzer Marsch! 1999
People's General 1998
Rapid Fire! 1994
Red Alert Red Alert was the second in the series.

The first noticeable differences to Command and Conquer were that Red Alert ran under Windows 95 rather than DOS, and in 600 x 400 resolution as opposed to 320 x 200.

I spent hours and hours at the local internet cafe - tying up their sole machine - playing head to head with a mate across town.
Red Alert 2 I thoroughly enjoyed blasting my way through Red Alert 2. The at Westwood team gets better and better. They know their market and have produced a well balanced game. I played it on normal difficulty and found that about right for me. What's more I finished it on both sides - GDI and NOD!!

Infantry are not as useless as they were in previous games - the Allied GI's can dig in by erecting sandbags. Menus are much much improved with separate tabs for construction, supply, defense and troops. The tabs flash when construction is complete and of course you can access them with keyboard shortcuts.
Red Alert Aftermath Command and Conquer - The Arsenal - combines Red Alert and Red Alert - The Aftermath. 1995
Spearhead 1995
Square Bashing 1914-1918 1997
Steel Panthers 1995
Steel Panthers II: Modern Battles 1996
Steel Panthers III: Brigade Command 1939-1999 1997
Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six 1998
Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six: Rogue Spear 1999
We the People 1994

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