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Aces Over Europe (1992)
Exhibit: Aces Over Europe (1992)

Release Date: 1992
Developer: Dynamix
Publisher: Sierra
Collection: Yes. Donated by Dan Crenshaw.
Comments: The most complex and popular World War 2 sim of 1992.

AH-3 Thunderstrike - 1993
Title - AH-3 Thunderstrike
Release Date - 1993
Platform - Sega Genesis
Developer -
Publisher - Sega
Collection - - No.
Comments -

Air Combat Classics

Air Warrior II

Air Warrior II

Check Six

ac - A-4, A-10, F-5E, F-4, F-14, F-15, F-16, F/A-18, F-117A Stealth, AV-8B Harrier, Tornado, Mirage 2000, JA-37 and MiG-29.

F-15 Strike Eagle II - Sega Genesis version

Flight Sim Toolkit

Flight Sim Toolkit

Flight Sim Toolkit was a unique concept, putting creative power in the hands of the consumer for almost the first time in computer sims.

In 1991 the original version of Flight Sim Toolkit was released on the Archimedes A3000 ( Flight Sim Toolkit for the Archimedes ) , then in 1993 it was released for the PC as Flight Sim Toolkit and in 1994 Flight Sim Toolkit - World War 2 was released.

Hornet 3.0 (Spectrum Holobyte)

Specs :


Pacific Strike

Pacific Strike

Strike Commander

Strike Commander

It's hard to believe today but I the public (including myself) was awestruck by the graphics in in this sim in 1993.I know one (Danish) fellow who upgraded his PC about 9 times in order to play it!

To quote the creator, Chris Roberts:

"To make RealSpace truly revolutionary we decided to gamble on two major graphics techniques: Gouraud shading and texture mapping. Both of these techniques are used extensively on high-end military flight simulators costing millions of dollars...

.... our biggest mistake was thinking that we could achieve all of this in a single year."

Title - <TFX
Release Date - 1993
Developer - Digital Image Design
Publisher - Ocean Software Ltd.
Collection - - Yes.
Comments - When you look at the graphics available in the other early 1990s - Combat flight sims, it's easy to see why TFX caused so much excitement on it's release. TFX is an acronym for "Tactical Fighter Experimental". The flight model could be adjusted from "arcade" to "military" and play modes ranged from arcade levels to the "UN Commander" mode. As UN Commander you planned missions, selected the aircraft and flew the Eurofighter, F22 or F117 Stealth Fighter.

Tornado (1993)

Tornado Tornado
Tornado - 1991

US Navy Fighters

US Navy Fighters US Navy Fighters US Navy Fighters US Navy Fighters US Navy Fighters
US Navy Fighters US Navy Fighters US Navy Fighters US Navy Fighters US Navy Fighters

US Navy Fighters ushered in one of the most popular ever series of air combat sims.
Title - US Navy Fighters
Release Date - 1993
Developer - Janes Combat Simulations
Publisher - Electronic Arts
Collection - - Yes, Classix CD-ROM reissue, shrink wrapped.
Comments - This sim was the successor to the wildly popular Chuck Yeager's Air Combat and started a series that ran to the end of the 1990's. Get an overview of the series in the Fighters Anthology (1998) exhibit.

The combat-focussed gameplay was enhanced by the atmospheric and user friendly interface. The ability to tweak most aspects of the sim from the graphics to mission waypoints and loadouts made you feel in control without overwhelming you with detail. It still remains a model of good interface design.

The first mission of the Ukraine campaign remains for many fans a reminder of just how atmospheric a sim can be. Check out the videos, showing the entire first mission from briefings, through mission planning, arming, carrier takeoff in the F-14, intercept and carrier landing. mission planning and arming the F-14 as you prepare to rescue Boris Yeltin !

Do not, repeat, do NOT fire on any Russian aircraft... " Do not, repeat, DO NOT fire on any Russian aircraft... "

Commander Air Group - US Navy Fighters

WW2 Air Force Commander

WW2 Air Force Commander

The background sound playing on this page is from - Falcon 3.0

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