Combat Flight Sims 2000-2009 - Ordered by Title

ExhibitTitle Comments Year Thumb
Aces at Dawn 2006
Aces High World War 2 air combat with strong multiplayer online presence. Over 70 planes, vehicles and boats representing six countries. Fighter, bomber, attack, cargo, carrier, and even jet aircraft are all represented. Man tanks, halftracks, flakpanzers, amtracks, amtanks, PT boats, destroyers, cruisers, carriers, coastal batteries, and anti-aircraft guns. 2000
Air Force Delta Storm "AirForce Delta Storm puts you in the cockpit as you navigate through the highflying world of flight combat. Developed to optimize the latest video game technology of the Xbox AirForce Delta Storm is a must have game for flight combat fans and Xbox owners alike. It features over 70 planes, ranging from the latest in military technology to astounding fantasy jet flyers." 2000
Air Power: The Cold War Recreates 29 classic aircraft, scenery and missions from the Cold War era. 2000
Airfix Dogfighter Who as a child didn't use their plastic model aircraft to stage furious dogfights?

The game is strongly focused on recreating the "toyish" feel of model airplanes in "hand-held dogfights", rather than being an advanced, super-realistic flight simulator - complete with glue fingerprints on the windshield, skewed unit designations and fixed landing gears.

Publisher: Paradox Entertainment
Developer: UDS
Allegiance 2000
Alpha Sim's Neptune A stable platform with good visibilty. Detailed up to the usual high Alphasim standards. 2006
America's Army 2002
Apache Longbow Assault Activision
Year of publication not established
Assault Gun 2006
Avro Vulcan It's all very well to write a casual, conversational, checklist for a pilot who already knows his GPU from his franistazzit, let alone his Vulcanised franistazzit, but I really feel what's needed is a step by step list, in fact an idiot proof list of operations.... 2003
Axis & Allies Miniatures 2004
B-17 Flying Fortress II: The Mighty Eighth B17 The Mighty Eighth is a single or multiplayer simulation of the B17 Flying Fortress Bomber. You can also fly the escort fighter planes or Luftwaffe interceptors. The design, and some of the team members originate from B17 Flying Fortress. 2000
B-17 Gunner 2000
Bang! Gunship Elite 2000
Battle for Midway Battle for Midway

Exhibit - Battle for Midway
Release Date -
Platform - PC DOS
Host sim - Microsoft Combat Flight Sim and Microsoft Combat Flight Sim 2.
Designers -
Publisher - Abacus
In collection -
Comments - Adds aircraft and missions, also adds 10 new aircraft designed by Terry Hill.

Battle For Midway & Pacific Theatre Combo Battle For Midway & Pacific Theatre Combo is developed by Abacus for Microsoft Combat Flight Sim 2 and due for release January 2002. 2002
Battle of Britain 2: Wings of Victory Battle of Britain 2: Wings of Victory was published by GMX Media in August 2005. It features an enhanced graphics engine based on the classic Battle of Britain by Rowan. 2005
Battle of Britain II: Wings of Victory Battle of Britain 2: Wings of Victory was published by GMX Media in August 2005. It features an enhanced graphics engine based on the classic Battle of Britain by Rowan. 2005
Battle Over Europe Dynamic campaign add-on for IL-2 Forgotten Battles. 2000
Battlefront WWII 2000
Blazing Angels - Squadrons of WWII 2006
Blazing Angels Secret Missions Sequel to Blazing Angels - Squadrons of WWII 2007
Blitzkrieg Commander 2006
BrikWars 2006
C-130 Hercules "The Herc' is the most numerous transport aircraft in the west and has been in production longer than any other aircraft in history. The prototype flew in August 1954 and since then over 60 nations have ordered the Hercules. " 2006
Close Combat 4: Battle of the Bulge "My medium infantry are taking the brunt of the German attack, sitting about 15 metres away from them is a StuG III and needless to say my boys don't really want to take it on all by themselves. More out of good luck than good planning I have a Bazooka team only 2 buildings away. Taking the safest route possible I order the Bazooka team into action." 2000
Close Combat 5: Invasion Normandy 2001
Close Combat Trilogy This was the first game to really factor in morale for your troops which added a lot of uncertainty to the gameplay. The whole series is undemanding on hardware and an ideal choice for whiling away time on a laptop. 2001
Close Combat: Cross Of Iron 2005
Close Combat: First to Fight 2005
Close Combat: Marines 2007
Close Combat: RAF Regiment 2008
Close Combat: Red Phoenix 2006
Cold War Commander 2006
Comanche 4 Sequel to Comanche 3 2001
Combat Aces 2001
Combat Helo " Since 1996, crazed rotor-heads have wanted more of that paranoid, heavy metal, hi-tech thrill-ride that is Longbow 2.

FIVE years on and the uber simulation of helicopter combat is still as exciting as it ever was, unfortunately our desktop computers and operating systems have moved on making it difficult at best, impossible at worst, to fly our favourite sim. "

So says Richard Hawley - read about his plans to provide a Combat Helo fix for us : Combat Helo .
Combat Jet Trainer Originally the software was sold by download from Captain Sim as TLK-39 Albatros. 2003

Exhibit - Combat Squadron
Release Date -
Platform - PC DOS
Host sim - Microsoft Combat Flight Sim, Microsoft Combat Flight Sim 2 and Microsoft Flight Simulator 2000.
Designers -
Publisher - Abacus
In collection -
Comments - It adds aircraft designed by Terry Hill.

Contemptible Little Armies 2002
Crimson Skies Based on the board game design franchise developed by Jordan Weisner and FASA, who were also responsible for the MechCommander series of games and adaptations. 2000
Dam Busters The Dam Busters opens the bomb bay door to a new experience in - Microsoft Combat Flight Sim 2 - that of the bomber pilot. You need a different mindset than when flying the fighters - accurate station keeping is everything on the final bomb run. 2002
Delta Force Xtreme 2005
Delta Force: Black Hawk Down 2003
Delta Force: Black Hawk Down: Team Sabre 2004
Dogs of War 2002
Eurofighter The AA radar allows real intercepts to be made, commonplace in combat sims but a first for Microsoft Flight Simulator 2004. 2006
Eurofighter Typhoon Accessibility, immersion and F U N ! Accessibility is enhanced by the simple, mouse driven interface and easy avionics. Immersion is provided by the dynamic campaign, the intelligence reports that come in via TV broadcast and internet, and the fact that you have to manage a squadron of 6 pilots through the whole campaign. Action - accessibilty and immersion = FUN! 2001
Eurofighter Typhoon: Operation Icebreaker Eurofighter Typhoon - Operation Icebreaker had the feel of a hastily thrown together set of scripted missions. As scripted missions go they weren't too bad but not a patch on the atmosphere of the semi-dynamic campaign in Eurofighter Typhoon, in which you had some latitude in mission planning and felt you were part of an interactive environment in which your actions had consequences. My recommendation - get this release but play the original campaign which is included.

Installing Eurofighter Typhoon - Operation Icebreaker adds the 130 page strategy guide written by Andy Bush and Leon Smith. This is an exemplary guide which I found so helpful I went back and played the original Eurofighter Typhoon campaign again with markedly better success.
F/A-18 by Janes Combat Simulations F/A-18 by Janes was released in January 2000

Jane's F/A-18 (JF18) is the successor to their magnificent F15 by Janes simulation.

It models the US Navy's next-generation F/A-18E Super Hornet in great detail. As the F/A designation suggests, the Super Hornet is built for both Fighter (Air-to-Air) and Attack (Air-to-Ground) missions. In this sim, you operate your F/A-18 from the aircraft carrier USS Ronald Reagan in the Arctic Sea, flying missions over Russia's North Cape area.
F/A-18 by Janes Combat Simulations - User Mods 2000
F/A-18 Gold 2001
F/A-18 Korea Gold F/A-18 Korea Gold (for MAC) was published by Graphic Simulations Corporation in 2005.
See F/A-18 Korea - the PC version to get a good idea what the sim contains.
F/A-18 Operation Iraqi Freedom 2005
F/A-18 Precision Strike Fighter Released in 2001 by Xicat Interactive , this product is an enhanced version of F/A-18 Korea which was developed by Graphsim and released in 1998. 2001
F/A-18 Thunderstrike A flight sim on the gameboy ! 2001
F-117A Stealth Fighter 2006
Falcon 4: Allied Force Falcon 4.0 Allied Force was developed by Lead Pursuit and published by Graphic Simulations Corporation in 2005. 2005
Falcon 5 2002
Falcon: Operation Infinite Resolve Falcon: Operation Infinite Resolve was developed by Force 12 Studios and was due to be published by G2 Interactive in 2002.
Status: Cancelled
Fighter Ace 3.5 An attractive WW2 sim geared to online playing, with well organised arenas, training and special events. 2002
Fighter Ops 2005
Flashpoint Vietnam 2006
Flight Deck II 2001
Flight Sim Toolkit 2 The sequel to the famous Flight Sim Toolkit by Simis. was due out in 2000.

It had been rescheduled to take advantage of the graphics engines being developed for Ka-52 Team Alligator.
Gunship This sim is geared for quick action with the emphasis on tactical flying and fighting rather than button pushing. It's a blast!

The terrain was the most realistic of any sim in 2000. Fly up a road at 50 feet with the transparent cockpit on and prepare to be amazed.

Hitting enemy armour doesn't necessarily stop it dead - often it will keep rolling and smoking until a final explosion flings off the turret and leaves it literally rocking in it's tracks.. Sometimes crew will bail out and engage you with shoulder launched missiles. Between the trees, terrain, SAMs, AAA and enemy choppers I found staying alive damn difficult. Difficult but fun. Just flying around in Gunship is fun and it doesn't require a monster machine.
Hard Vacuum 2000
Harrier Jump Jet Harrier Jump Jet 2002 adds 20 aircraft including Harriers, Skyhawks, Mirage and Pucara to Microsoft Combat and Civil flight sims. It also contains a 20 mission campaign for Microsoft Combat Flight Sim 1 and 2. However The lack of 3 essential elements in the Harrier dogfight - 1- VIFFING, 2- IR and Radar guided missiles and 3 - countermeasures made you wonder why bother trying to simulate the scenario? 2002
IL-2 Forgotten Battles Without a doubt the most outstanding World War 2 flight sim currently available. 2004
IL-2 Sturmovik This much anticipated sim recreated the efforts of the Soviet Airforce on the Eastern front in World War 2 from June 22nd, 1941. 2001
IL-2 Sturmovik: 1946 2007 sequel in the acclaimed IL-2 Sturmovik series. 2007
Iron Stars 2004
Janes Attack Squadron In October 2001 Xicat Interactive signed an agreement with Jane's Information Group to continue the military games suspended by Electronic Arts. This included the much anticipated Jane's Attack Squadron by Mad Doc Software , which had been sidelined for a year. 2002
JetFighter 4 Part of one of the most successful Combat Flight sim series ever. 2000
JetFighter 5 JetFighter 5 was released in 2003 under the title of "Jetfighter". It is a stunning looking sim which still serves the purpose of providing an action arena for neophytes to the genre, but old hands will be frustrated by the lack of controls and options..

For example the F.A.Q. at the official website says that you can't land on a carrier. That's not true - you can land on a carrier - you just can't STOP on a carrier!

There's no arrestor gear and take-off - ( which is possible to set up in an instant mission - just select carrier 1 or 2 as your starting point) - consists of going full throttle then pressing "W" to release the wheelbrakes. The lack of carrier ops in the campaign is a sad let-down from the heady days of Jetfighter 3.
Ka-52 Team Alligator Ka-52 Team Alligator was a combat helicopter simulation developed by Simis and released in 2000.

The sim looks fantastic and should have been a flagship product for the publisher. Sadly it was released without fanfare and at a budget price in April 2000. Unfortunately an early build of the code appears to be the one shipped to consumers.
Korean Combat Pilot (2001) Containing 12 good flyable aircraft and detailed scenery, it had quite a bit to offer the discerning flyer in 2001. In 2006 it is still good value for those running modest PC hardware. 2001
Korean War Korean War - Korean War campaign for Microsoft Flight Sim 1 - by Mike Eustace and Doug Attrell. 2000
Lago F-16 Collection The F-16 Falcon has long been favourite of Combat Flight Sim Jocks and Jockettes. Nicknamed 'The Electric Jet' because of it's 'fly by wire' (FBW) flight control system, you might describe it as a supersonic aerobatic single seater with guns.

Lago's F-16 Falcon Collection gives you the choice of several different variants including a few 2 seaters (D model) and some of the most recognisable and colourful paint schemes.
Lancaster 2006
Lock On Modern Air Combat Sequel to Su-27 Flanker, Su-27 Flanker 2.0, Su-27 Flanker 2.5. 2003
MechCommander Strategy Guide and Complete guide to Missions 1 - 12 2000
Microflight orphaned 2000
Microsoft Combat Flight Sim 2 The sequel to Microsoft Combat Flight Sim, it was set in the Pacific Theatre of WW2 and presented a significant upgrade to the graphics and fidelity. 2000
Microsoft Combat Flight Sim 2 - Beta Version 2000
Microsoft Combat Flight Sim 3 On September 18th 2002 I interviewed Scott Lee, a Microsoft product manager, and checked out the beta of Microsoft Combat Flight Sim 3. 2002
Microsoft Flight Simulator 2002 Downloads The open architecture of the Microsoft flight sims inspired a thriving community of fans who share their work on-line. Get busy downloading! Most of the downloads are small - being 1 to 5 MEG in size, but the sky is the limit, so to speak 2002
Mini Jetfight A pocket PC combat sim by Omnigsoft. No details as yet. 2004
Modern Ops 2005
Modern Warfare Collection The Modern Warfare Collection from Hasbro presents three great combat sims for a budget price. There is enough gameplay in this one box to keep you off the street for years... and I'm not exaggerating!

Package Contents:

Apache Havoc including the 1.1 patch
Falcon 4.0 version 1.06
M1 Tank Platoon 2
4th CD with the manuals in PDF format
Mosquito Squadron An excellent Mosquito with good virtual cockpit and panels, 21 decent missions and lots of extra terrain added to Microsoft Combat Flight Sim 2. 2002
MSFS2004 downloads The Flight Sim Museum looks at a sample of the many thousands of free aircraft and scenery available on the web. 2004
Mustang vs Fw.190 An alternate name for the product was "Double Trouble - Mustang vs Butcherbird". 2002
Operation Air Assault "a fast-paced 3D attack helicopter game " 2006
Operation Flash Point: Resistance The official expansion to Operation Flashpoint: Cold War Crisis, it is a first person perspective military sim which also enables you to fly military helicopters and aircraft. 2002
Over G Fighters Released in Japan as "Over G" 2006
Pacific Fighters Pacific Fighters was developed by 1C:Maddox Games and published by Ubisoft in 2004. 2004
Pacific Storm 2006
Pacific Warriors II: Dogfight "Pacific Warriors II: Dogfight! puts you in the seat of a classic fighter plane during the action-filled Pacific conflict between the Americans and the Japanese during World War II." 2003
Panzer Miniatures 2004
Patrol: WWII 2006
Pearl Harbor (2001) Pearl Harbor recreates the famous and devastating attack on the US fleet by Japanese aircraft in 1941. You can fly for either side and recreate historical as well as a few hypothetical missions. Overall I found this to be one of the better add-ons for a quick dog-fighting fix. It also boasts the best looking palm trees I've seen outside of Ghost Recon! 2001
Planetside Back in 1992 CDROM's were showing up on PC's and "interactive movies" like "Dragon's Lair" seemed to point the way forward in interactve games. Planetside used a technique of scrolling pre-rendered landscapes which were originally created using fractal equations. 2000
Project 1 Third Wire Productions was formed by ex Electronic Arts Janes and Microprose programmer Tsuyoshi Kawahito to develop a sim focused on the "classic" jets of the 1950's and '60's. In May 2002 the sim found a publisher and was re-named Strike Fighters Project 1. 2001
Radar Contact 2000
Red Alert 2 Yuri's Revenge haven't played this one yet, but if it's as much fun as Red Alert 2 then I'll be getting it!

The online play is a big attraction too. You can log on day or night to the Westwood server and find plenty of battles to join.
Red Jets "'Red Jets' is built on InterActive Vision's powerful jet fighter engine and features advanced weather simulation, detailed landscapes based on real-life satellite imagery, super realistic aircraft and weapons, and intense dogfight scenarios." 2004
Red Skies over Europe 'Red Skies over Europe' puts you in the seat of a fighter plane during the action packed Eastern Front conflict between the Axis Luftwaffe and the USSR Air Force during World War II." 2004
Red Star over Korea Red Star over Korea lets you fly a campaign in the Korean War in MiG-15, using the Microsoft Combat Flight Sim simulation engine.

It is a joint project by Mike Eustace & Doug Attrell.
Rome: Total War 2004
Royal Air Force 2000 25 flyable aircraft for Microsoft Flight Simulator 98, Microsoft Flight Simulator 2000 and a campaign set in 1940 for Microsoft Combat Flight Sim. 2000
Sabre vs MiG Sabre versus MiG adds the MiG-15, F-86 Sabre jet and F-51 Mustang to a Korean War campaign for Microsoft Combat Flight Sim 2. 2002
Sabres over Korea Sabres over Korea allows you to fly the F-86 Sabre Jet in a USAF Korean War Mission Pack for Microsoft Combat Flight Sim. I found it up to the usual high standard of Mike Eustace and Doug Attrell - that is to say the fun factor is very high ! Check out their earlier work too! 2002 Sabres over Korea: Korean War campaign for Microsoft Combat Sim 1 by Mike Eustace and Doug Atrell
Strike Fighters Project 1 2001
Su-27 2.5 Training Missions Successful repetition breeds success. That's a fundamental guiding principle in training for any complex activity - including flying your simulated jet fighter! These missions are relatively simple. Variables are kept to a minimum and introduced one at a time. That means you'll have fun and be able to keep on top of things while getting the satisfaction that comes from sharpening your skills. Pick a training area - North - South - East or West and start flying. 2000
Su-27 Flanker 2.5 Su-27 Flanker 2.0 was released for Xmas 1999 and this major upgrade was released as a free download in 2001. It allowed you to fly my favourite a/c - the MiG-29 Fulcrum ! It also improved 150 other features of the sim, most of which I illustrate in this exhibit.

I also wrote a very simple set of training missions which you can download.
Thunderjets over Korea Thunderjets over Korea lets you fly a campaign in the Korean War in F-84E ThunderjetMiG-15, using the Microsoft Combat Flight Sim simulation engine. It is a joint project by Mike Eustace & Doug Attrell. 2001
TLK-39 Albatros Combat Jet Trainer was developed by Captain Sim and published by Just Flight in 2002.

Originally the software was sold by download from Captain Sim as TLK-39 Albatros.
Tuskegee Fighters The primary task of the Tuskegee Fighters was to escort the B-17 Flying Fortress bombers on their way to German ground targets from Southern Europe. After initial training in Northern Africa, they moved. They operated from airfields in Italy. During the escort missions they encountered many enemy aircraft and took part in dozens of dogfights. 2000
Ultimate Flight Series 4 Ultimate Flight Series 4 contains 3 great sims :
1. World War 2 Fighters
2. Comanche Gold
3. F15 by Janes
Valley Forge Valley Forge sets you up to fly the F2H-2 Banshee for a dozen missions in the Korean War.
Korean War is a series of campaigns for Microsoft Combat Flight Sim created by Mike Eustace and Doug Attrell.
Vietnam Air War Vietnam Air War was developed by Alpha Simulations and published by Just Flight in 2001. It adds Vietnam War era aircraft and missions to Microsoft Combat Flight Sim 2 and flyable aircraft to Microsoft Flight Simulator 2002. 2001
Warbirds Extreme It adds aircraft to Microsoft Combat Flight Sim 2 and Microsoft Flight Simulator 2002 2002
Warbirds III 2000
Wing Commander: Arena 2007
Wings over China Adds aircraft, scenery, objects and missions to Microsoft Combat Flight Sim. 2000
Wings over Vietnam 2004
WWII: Battle over Europe 2006
X-Gold 2001
Yager Flying through Yager is like diving into a Jack Vance novel with it's quaint mixture of old and new, the fantastic architecture, the floating ore barges - all fully animated - and the not-quite-earthly watery environs, all seasoned with a quirky sense of humour.

Those who remember Strike Commander with affection will appreciate the storyline and the clever mission construction. This type of game has the potential to get people interested in flight sims - but in it's own right it's a fun filled experience. Don't take it too seriously - just have a blast !

The drop - dead gorgeous graphics are shown off in the videos I have created for the Museum exhibit and given the strong role playing element, this is a good sim to recommend as it might encourage new players to look further into flight simulation generally.

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