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Malcolm Muir recalls a typical short sortie in an English Electric Lightning "For an example of short sortie times consider XA856, the second prototype P1B, which was based at the Rolls-Royce Flight Test Centre at Hucknall, near Nottingham during the 1960s, together with a Mk 2 and a Mk 3 Lightning."
TAKEOFF in a fast jet fighter
Landing a fast jet under operational conditions.
What is a Blood Chit?
Air to Air Gun shot - the final moments
Using the Virtual Cockpit
About MiGMan's Flight Sim Museum The Flight Sim Museum provides a permanent and growing overview of the entire genre all in one conveniently organised location.
SuperGeeks Hall of Fame
Aviation Stories websites
Australian Flight Simulation Expo: August 28th, 2004 MiGMan was keynote speaker at Australia's first ever Flight Sim Expo, held in the old Ansett terminal at Kingsford Smith International Airport, Sydney.
Unusual landings Navy fliers trap, on aircraft carriers, but this is the only case I know of a guy trapping on an 18-wheeler!
20 Years of Military Flight Simulations on the PC by Len "Viking 1" Hjalmarson.
Sydney Olympics 2000
Why did the Museum move to a subscription model?
Can I use your pictures? The contents of this website are copyright 1998 - 2007 by MiGMan. Members of the press and writers for other websites may use this form to request permission to quote images and text from the Flight Sim Museum.
Really useful stuff in the Museum
Women in Aviation
P-51 Mustang checklists Dudley Henriques on flying the P-51 Mustang: "The P-51D, which I flew, was a very straightforward airplane in every way. By that I mean it wasn't difficult to fly or hard to handle, as long as you remembered a few basic things."
Phantom base in Vietnam
Merry MiG-Mas 2007
SSAs' Club Wins Astronomy Magazine Award
Dr. Carlo Kopp's Flight Reports Dr. Carlo Kopp's simulator reports has images and reports about his flights in : Boeing F/A-18F Super Hornet (flight), Boeing AH-64D Apache Longbow (flight), Pilatus PC-9/A (flight), General Dynamics F-111C / Pave Tack Simulator, General Dynamics F-111C Simulator, Lockheed-Martin Joint Strike Fighter Simulator, Zlin Z.242L, Bellanca 8KCAB VH-SAR, Piper PA-28 Warrior, Piper PA-44 Seminole, DH-82 Tiger Moth, Cessna 172.
Chuck Yeager's Advanced Flight Trainer Chuck Yeager's Advanced Flight Trainer
Exhibit - Chuck Yeager's Air Advanced Flight Trainer
Release Date - 1987
Platform - PC DOS
Host sim - Self
Designers - Edward Lerner
Publisher - Abacus
In collection - No.
Comments - Chuck Yeager's Advanced Flight Trainer was an ambitious attempt to teach the basics of flight on a personal computer. Edward Lerner developed and programmed it and it featured 14 different flyable aircraft. This exhibit contains AUDIO content.

A Brief History of Flight Sims
Listen to Chuck Yeager Intro - Chuck tells some stories.
Flight School - Guides the player through a demo flight
Planes - Chuck tells a few things about different planes
Advanced Maneuvers - Here he lectures about formation flying and dogfighting.
Test Pilot - The test pilot's business, including a hair raising story of spinning one of Bell's rocket ships.
New hardware: Geforce 3 I finally got my hands on the top-of-the-line gaming card - a Geforce 3 with 64 MEG of DDR ram. He he he. Does it make a difference to the sims? Yep. The extra smoothness in Microsoft Combat Flight Sim 2 meant I was strafing and dogfighting with much more confidence. Look out virtual enemies!
Flight Test your simulations What better way can you think of to spend a fun evening with family or friends than testing the flight models of your favourite sims?
What is Flight Testing? As a virtual Combat Pilot. knowing the performance characteristics of your aircraft intimately can make the difference between victory and defeat.
How to Build Them

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MiGMan goes to Hollywood MiGMan goes to Hollywood in Crimson Skies from Microsoft and rescues the damsel in distress ! 03-Nov-2000
New Carrier for Oz? "Earlier this year the navy prepared a report on a ship that would be a combined troop transport, tanker, supply vessel, command centre and hospital - with a flat deck that could carry helicopters and possibly F/A-18 fighters!!!
Naval planners call the vessel a littoral support ship."
Australia's computer generated carrier A bit of investigating by PC revealed the "Aircraft Carrier" reported on October 24th to be a concept ship designed for amphibious transport and supply. Known as the "Multi Role Auxiliary (MRA)", it exists at the moment only in computer generated images. 03-Nov-2000
A bit of investigating by PC revealed the "Aircraft Carrier" reported on October 24th to be a concept ship designed for amphibious transport and supply. Known as the "Multi Role Auxiliary (MRA)", it exists at the moment only in computer generated images. 03-Nov-2000
Tom Clancy's Hornets Jarmo Lindberg from Fighter Squadron 21 in Finland and Fighter Tactics Academy met the guy who flew the Hornet in the movie of Tom Clancy 's Novel "Clear and Present Danger" and told us what happened during fliming. 03-Nov-2000
F.A.Q.s I get a LOT of mail and it falls into two main categories:
1 - emails which give me information and feedback
2 - emails which ask for games, information and answers to questions
Per Ardua ad Astra With Battle of Britain due for release shortly it's worth a look back at Rowan's previous Battle of Britain flight sim - Reach for the Skies. 24-Nov-2000
Zero landings! Zero landings! That's my tally so far - Zero landings! Not one landing on a flat-top - but it's a hoot trying! My take-off tally is only marginally better : Microsoft Combat Flight Sim 2. 24-Nov-2000
Flying and Fighting the Gameboy! Haven't heard of this sim? You won't unless you have a Colour Gameboy in the house! - FA18 Thunderstrike 24-Nov-2000
Cover story Don Schaaf found the original manual and sent in a scan for the Flight Simulator 1 manual. 24-Nov-2000
Fly and Fight in the US Navy Ah... those were the days! I had just built my cockpit and the partnering of Janes and Electronic Arts to form Janes Combat Simulations seemed about to usher in a whole new era of flight simming fidelity. Heady days in US Navy Fighters. 30-Nov-2000
Fight the Falcon The F16 Fighting Falcon by Digital Integration exhibit opens . 30-Nov-2000

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Exhibit: Aces of the Pacific

Ace it with 1992 Hardware
Aces of the Pacific Hardware requirements included a full 2 MEG OF RAM !!! 30-Nov-2000
Fly with a friend Hind by Digital Integration was one of the very few sims to allow you and a friend to fly in the same aircraft. 30-Nov-2000
Get the feeling with WW2 style artwork The 1998 Magazine adverts for European Air War had a period feel about them. 30-Nov-2000
One Fortress, Flying Added the box art for the original 1992 release of B-17 Flying Fortress by Microprose (1992). 30-Nov-2000
One Mac-Hornet to go, thanks F/A-18 3.0 - Those were the days when Macs were actually useful for something! ; < )
Graphic Simulations Corporation's F/A-18 series first saw light of day on the Apple Macintosh series of computers and developed into a stunning sim on the PC - F/A-18 3.0.
On Dawn Patrol in DOS Running the older sims in DOS can be tricky or near impossible! Here are a few hints from Dave Whiteside at Rowan Software on getting Dawn Patrol up and running on newer PC's. 30-Nov-2000
Defend the Fleet at 320x200 resolution! Added a new screenshot - Taking off in the F-14 Tomcat. The programmers packed as much detail as was possible into the VGA resolution. The next year Super-VGA cards hit the market and at 640 x 400 resolution there was no looking back! 30-Nov-2000
Go Full Burner With JetFighter 4 on the shelves it's worth a look back at the previous incarnations of the Jetfighter series by Mission Studios:
Jetfighter II
Jetfighter II - Advanced Mission Disk
Jetfighter 3
Jetfighter Full Burn
JetFighter 4
JetFighter 5
Searching for Snakes Thomas C Crouson VMF(AW)-323, Tinbender, 62-64, Webmaster of the 323 Death Rattlers web site is gathering a list of snakes from WW II to the present VMFA-323 at Miramar. Contact him if you know of any Marines who should be on the list. 08-Dec-2000
Take Command! The new Microsoft Sidewinder Strategic Commander is one of the most user-friendly devices I've laid my hands on. Although designed with Land Combat Sims in mind I have a feeling it will adapt quite nicely to Flight Sims - acting as a programmable throttle and MFD controller. 08-Dec-2000
Chino's Zero Chino sent in these pics of his paperweight .. .. .. every home should have one! 08-Dec-2000
Mech my Day punk! To mis-quote the great Clint Eastwood from "Dirty Harry". PC and I spent an enjoyable day playing MechWarrior 4: Vengeance on 16 networked PC's courtesy of Microsoft. The graphics were awesome and the game wasn't running on a ninja machine either! Despite his professed ' lack of time to play games ' I have been unable to wrest the software from PC's Windows 2000 system. 08-Dec-2000
Thrusting through the sky Thrustmaster was the first "hard core" flight sim gear. It was modelled -partly - on the real joysticks and throttles found in military jets. Here is an overview of the Thrustmaster legacy. 08-Dec-2000
B-17 Flying Fortress Chino took some nice pics of a B-17 Flying Fortress: "While it's rugged looking, it sure isn't as big as I once imagined it, and it's not built for comfort either... especially at 30,000 feet with those big, open waist gun ports letting in all that frigid air. Keep your thermal underwear and oxygen hoses plugged in and free of ice, boys!" 08-Dec-2000
B-24 activities Read the Charles H. Cook story. Then build a B-24 scale model with the aid of a B-24 Mitchell book, and then play B-17 Flying Fortress 2 ...hey it's close enough! Or if you can't stand the sight of a B-24 Mitchell by this time, hop into Microsoft Combat Flight Sim 2 and shoot one down! - (With apologies to the vets). 08-Dec-2000
Fly a B-17 "The two organizations that I know which offer rides in a B-17 are the Collings Foundation , Stow, Massachusetts ("Nine-O-Nine" - Collings also has a flying B-24J) and the National Warplane Museum in Horseheads, NY (" Fuddy Duddy")." 15-Dec-2000
Paint your B-24 Mitchell! Chino has constructed some new artwork for the B-24 in European Air War so you can recreate some of the encounters described here. He has also included detailed instructions on how to apply the artwork. 15-Dec-2000
Wright Brothers Chino reported: "As I write this on December 17, 2000, it is 97 years to the day that this whole airplane thing started with a 12 second flight in gusty winds at Kitty Hawk, North Carolina." 19-Dec-2000
Dudley Henriques Dudley Henriques Dudley Henriques has flown at least seventy different types of airplanes, including experimental, prototype, and fighters, both jet and propeller. Some of the great stories here include:
On airshow flying - F-14 hop - Flying the P-51 Mustang with CHECKLISTS INCLUDED !
B-24 Mitchell Waist Gun Chino said: "Here's an interior shot, yours truly in the B-24 at Nashua... a bit crazed, looking to waste a Zero with my waist gun." 05-Jan-2001
First Official Cross Country Flight. Chino's flying skills improve. Another milestone was reached with his first Official Cross Country Flight. This is part of the ongoing series: Can I learn to fly in a flight sim? 05-Jan-2001
John Hileman: Low flight over New Guinea John Hileman remembers a scary incident over New Guinea in WW2. Nav said "OK to let down" but as they descended below clouds at 16,000 feet, the crew reported trees in the bomb bay! 05-Jan-2001
Development of Flight of the Intruder for Atari ST and AMIGA Dave Whiteside on the development of Flight of the Intruder for Atari ST and Commodore AMIGA: ".. a lot of effort was put into making it fit on two disks [floppys where expensive in those days..] and getting it to run in 512K [size of a cache these days..] the 1Mb version had a bit of headroom left - it cached the files off one of the disks..". 08-Jan-2001
A toilet in a fighter plane? Why not ? Su-32 - yes, and a bed, and a galley.. .. .. 19-Jan-2001
Bizarro World Say what? Did you read Superman comics as a kid? (Maybe you still read them? - I do !) Find out what this has to do with the Bizarro - B-58 Hustler. 25-Jan-2001
The Wright Brothers: How they invented the Airplane " What impresses me about the Wrights is the combination of inventiveness and persistence that they applied to solving the problems of powered flight. They were pioneers in wind tunnel testing, flight control design, and many other challenging disciplines. They also taught themselves to fly, of course, and then became the first flight instructors. They were too stubborn to give up!" 18-Mar-2001
Cancellation of the Warthog Fans worldwide were bitterly disappointed when, in July 1999, Jane's announced the cancellation of the project. All we are left with are these tantalising glimpses of what might have been. 01-Apr-2001
Award to the Flight Sim Museum gave MiGMan's Combat Diary and the Flight Sim Museum an award for contributions to classic gaming. 25-Apr-2001
MiG-29 Fulcrum or Su-27? A reader pointed out that the advertising artwork MAY depict an Su-27 Flanker instead of the more appropriate MiG-29 Fulcrum. Any other opinions? 10-May-2001
Flight of the Intruder article Lars Gramkow Nielsen sent in a magazine preview dated 1989. I've turned it into a clickable image so you can zoom in and see what made this sim so special. 21-May-2001
Programming the sims A good article on Voxel Landscape Engines as used in the Novalogic sims. 21-May-2001
Sim sites in a taildive? Mike Clark has an interesting editorial at The Mag - FS news on the issues facing flight sim sites. Well worth a read.- issues/themag123.shtml - "Are our Flight Simulation sites dying?"  >> 2004 update - web page gone <<  21-May-2001
How I discovered this magazine PC Pilot Magazine - I read this one. 21-May-2001
Kiowa Warrior cockpit I've made a clickable Kiowa Warrior cockpit which zooms in on the various instruments. Check it out! - Longbow 2. 22-May-2001
MiGMan in the Press: Sydney Morning Herald: Icon "Flight simulation fanatics should bookmark this site now" said Kevin Cheung in the May 26th, 2001 edition of the Sydney Morning Herald. 26-May-2001
Falcon flies again! Mark Hermonat has tweaked the original Falcon so it runs on modern computers. 30-May-2001
Avenger A-10: the true story Somewhere between Flight of the Intruder and Falcon 3.0 this project was shelved - despite press adverts appearing around the world. Why? MiGMan's inside sources reveal the true story behind the fate of Avenger A-10. 01-Jun-2001
FLY gets real Chino used Terrascene to convert real satellite imagery into FLY! scenery. The results were good enough to visually navigate around his local area! 01-Jun-2001
Interview with Warren Spector "I get the feeling that this was a labor of love on someone's part." In fact it was! Tom Cervo tracked down an interview with Warren Spector which confirms his theory about Wings of Glory.. 17-Jun-2001
1991 Preview of Chuck Yeager's Air Combat 22-Jun-2001
Falcon in Europe Mission Disk 2 for Falcon added a whole new level of dynamism - with aggressive MiGs and Beyond Visual Range engagments. Also read about Rowan's concepts - direct from 1990. 22-Jun-2001
From ST to PC Lars Gramkow Nielsen from Denmark remembers how he got into CYAC. " This was the game that finally convinced me that I needed to get myself a PC instead of my old ST." 22-Jun-2001
A HOTAS for the road I'm not terribly interested in running spreadsheets - although any gaming PC will blitz the standard business tasks. Travelling Denmark by train I whiled away the time with Red Alert 2, having power points at each seat helped the laptop battery life! But how do you control a sim and dogfight with a touchpad ???? With great difficulty. Chino found a better solution - the Gravis Game Pad 24-Aug-2001
World Trade Centre and Pentagon Attacks "How is it possible to fly a plane into the World Trade Center? How difficult would it actually be?" 11-Sep-2001
What is a Black Box? 11-Sep-2001
Tom Piercy remembers Flight Simulator I What seems passe now was mindblowing in 1980. Tom Piercy has been involved in professional flight simulation since the 1960's and he shares his impressions of Flight Simulator 1 - one of the very first flight sims on a personal computer. 28-Sep-2001
Scary sims I think these people are a little .. .. .. obsessed with virtual reality. They probably need to get into combat flight sims. - The so-called "sim" games. 12-Oct-2001
Eurofighter Typhoon: Angle of Attack It's often been said that the measure of good flight modelling is how well a sims handles AOA. On that basis Eurofighter Typhoon shapes up pretty well. 19-Oct-2001
5 1/4" floppy disc 3D Helicopter Simulator was released in 1987and must have been one of the first sims to support head to head play via a modem. For it's time it looked outstanding with 3 dimensional polygon choppers and scenery. John D. Yarrow got his hands on the 5 1/4" version. It occured to me that some readers might never have seen a 5 1/4" disk so I scanned it in it's full glory. 09-Nov-2001
The new world according to Seattle Having avoided the slide show frame rates of Microsoft Flight Simulator 2000, but having had a ball in Microsoft Combat Flight Sim 2 - I was intrigued to hear that the Microsoft Combat Flight Sim 2 engine was the basis for the new juggernaut. Hopping into my sim-Cessna I decided to take a scenic flight over an area I knew well - Sydney ! 09-Nov-2001
F-15 Eagle driver compares sims and reality Can you learn to fly in a sim? Maybe, but it it turns out that real life training works in a tactical jet sim. Check out this encounter with an F-15 pilot reported by Bruce Irving. 17-Nov-2001
Break turn in Eurofighter Typhoon Let's say you're dogfighting a bogey and are sure that it has no buddies around. You may be approaching head on and want to do a bat-turn to let rip with an ASRAAM. Then try this. 17-Nov-2001
Flameouts at high altitude Jet Pilot was an incredible in-depth simulation of two famous vintage jets, in a ultra-hardcore way. Read about flameouts at high altitude and bad weather approaches with one eye on the fuel gauge. 22-Nov-2001
Finished the campaign in Eurofighter Typhoon I finally finished the campaign and am feeling very pleased with myself - even if I did resort to an unorthdox solution. A few gripes aside - which I've outlined in the exhibit - this was the best month or so of flying I've had in a loooong time. 29-Nov-2001
The early 1980's who'd want to go back? "This is where it all started, looking at three dials and flying at night on a crummy TV !!! I seem to remember it took about 30 minutes to load off the tape, with a 60% failure rate." The good old days - the early 1980's who'd want to go back? 29-Nov-2001
History of Flight Sims Parts 1 and 2 Len Hjalmarson put together a great history of Flight sims - this first part runs from 1971 to the beginning of 3DFX. 07-Dec-2001

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