- Technothrillers and Fiction Books about Air Combat.

A Techno-hriller is an action based novel which uses military hardware in a detailed or semi - realistic way. Spy, war and action thrillers have always been popular but the late 1980's saw the emergence of books with a lot more technical detail supporting the narrative than had been the case.

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David Baldacci
Last Man Standing Mark Berent
Eagle Station
Phantom Leader
Rolling Thunder
Steel Tiger
Larry Bond
Red Phoenix
The Enemy Within
Day of Wrath
Dale Brown
Flight of the Old Dog
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The Sum of All Fears
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Net Force : Cybernation
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Net Force
Net Center : One Is the Loneliest Number
Stephen Coonts
Flight of the Intruder
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Buck Danny

Harold Coyle
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Sword Point
Frederick Forsyth
The Fist of God
Richard Herman
Force of Eagles
James Huston
Balance of Power
The Price of Power
Scott Malensek
Black Rain for Christmas
David Poyer
The Circle
The Passage
The Med
China Sea
The Return of Philo T. McGiffin
Fire on the Waters
Thunder on the Mountain
Down to a Sunless Sea
Deep-sea diver "Tiller"' Galloway's adventures
Bahamas Blue
Louisiana Blue
Barrett TIllman
The Sixth Battle
Dauntless and Hellcats
Barrett Tillman Non Fiction
Joe Weber Primary Target
Defcon One
Rules of Engagement
Targets of Opportunity
Honourable Enemies
Shadow Flight

J. D. Wetterling - F-100 pilot and Air Combat author. J. D. Wetterling's airbase in Vietnam, 1968-69.  It's interesting from a flight simmer's point of view - the terrain is dead flat and the coastline is straight. If we saw this in a sim we'd complain about the lack of realism!

J. D. Wetterling Son of Thunder
Son of Thunder cover art
His airbase in Vietnam
Jack Vance - The Grand Master of Speculative Fiction!

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