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Ace Combat 3 The successor to Ace Combat 2 . Third in a popular series of air combat oriented arcade style games. 1999
Advanced Tactical Fighters Advanced Tactical Fighters was the sequel to Marine Fighters by Janes Combat Simulations. It ran in DOS. A windows version was later included in Fighters Anthology. I rememer the first time I booted it up on my 486 DX66. I leapt into the Grumman X-31 and headed for the clouds. For a while I was convinced there was something wrong with the program because this aircraft just seemed too fast! 1996
All the Stealth A list of the sims in the Museum which currently feature Stealth aircraft 0
Check Six Check Six was the first flight simulation from Pegasus Japan on the NEC PC-9801 Series. In this game the player is a mercenary pilot who gets rewarded for successful missions and can buy aircraft. Screen resolution is 640 x 400 pixels and 16 colors. It looks similar to Air Combat III. 1993
F-117A Stealth Fighter 2006
F117A has been referred to as "the mother of all sims" due to the many innovations it presented and the atmospheric way the sim is presented. It set standards of gameplay which have probably never been exceeded.

The sim was a major enhancement and re-release of F-19 (1988) by Sid Meier.
F-117A Stealth Fighter on the Commodore Amiga "I remember it being a real effort sometimes to get anyone to engage you in combat - MiGs would fly so close that it would have resulted in a collision ( if you could have collided that is ) and they would continue to fly right past and off into the big blue beyond. I persevered and completed the 99 mission career, but it just wasn't quite the same as completing the original F-19 Stealth Fighter." 0
F-19 Stealth Fighter F-19 Stealth Fighter was released in 1988 for the Atari, Commodore, and PC running MS-DOS.
The Atari version had digitised sounds, I distinctly remember the "click" of the recon camera. The manual was probably the largest and most informative at the time for a flight sim.
F-19 Stealth for the NEC 9801 F-19 Stealth for the NEC 9801was developed for the Japanese NEC PC 9801 system. 1989
F-22 ADF F22 Air Dominance Fighter by Digital Image Design was the most extensive attempt to recreate the modern air combat environment seen on a PC. 1998
F-22 Interceptor on the Sega Genesis " I wondered if this old Genesis sim F22 Interceptor at the Genesis Project was ported from a PC or Mac version. At the time I had a Atari 800, and when I saw this, I bought the Genesis and the F-22 interceptor because I coudn't find it on any other platform. " 1991
F-22 Lightning 2 on a 486 CPU2Kill reported that he managed to run it on a 486-66 mHz....! It's hard to believe nowadays that 66 Mhz could drive a word processor let alone a flight sim! 0
F-22 Lightning 3 F-22 Lightning 3 F-22 Lightning 3 from Novalogic continued the tradition of fast graphics and action packed gameplay seen in F-16 Multi Role Fighter and MiG-29 Fulcrum. 1999
F-22 Lightning II 1996
F-22 Raptor " Then we tried cooperative aircraft mode.

He flew CAP while I went in to deliver ordnance. I popped up where he didn't expect me to be, and he let loose a sidewinder on me, shooting me down! I hollared at him, "Why didn't you IFF me before shooting?!" He said, "it happened so fast, I didn't have time!" I was so pissed...

But after I while I realized that it was so cool that I WAS shot down by my wingman... That I COULD be shot down by another human pilot. It was UNPREDICTABLE! It wasn't just another AI aircraft flying the same CAP pattern and reacting in the same manner each time it was engaged. It was a completely new dimension in the combat flight sim expereince that I had just tasted. I dreamed of a multi-player flight sim that actually worked well, and for more than two players. "
F-22 roundup A survey of F-22 simulations in the Flight Sim Museum. 0
F-29 Retaliator orphaned 1989
Fighters Anthology Fighters Anthology brought the DOS sims US Navy Fighters - Marine Fighters - Advanced Tactical Fighters - NATO Fighters - and the Windows sim US Navy Fighters '97 into one collection running under Windows. Fighters Anthology is usually referred to as a "survey sim" - meaning that it covers a range of aircraft but doesn't go into great depth on each one. Well that may be so but I for one never ran out of interesting things to do in the series. At one time I wrote a set of emergency checklists - and at one time or another every one of these problems happened to me! It was fun finding out just how many ways the programmers had provided to break the aircraft!
Who can forget that screeching, irritating whine when you threw a turbine blade?
Megafortress Megafortress was based on a novel by Dale Brown. 1990
NATO Fighters NATO Fighters by Janes Combat Simulations and Electronic Arts allowed you to fly over 100 military aircraft from the 1950's era to tomorrow's superfighters, including the F-117A Stealth Fighter.

It required Advanced Tactical Fighters to run.
Super AirCombat Super AirCombat was thesuccessor to AirCombat III. It was the first Windows version of Systemsoft's AirCombat series. 1997
TFX When you look at the graphics available in the other early 1990s it's easy to see why TFX caused so much excitement on it's release. TFX is an acronym for "Tactical Fighter Experimental". The flight model could be adjusted from "arcade" to "military" and play modes ranged from arcade levels to the "UN Commander" mode. As UN Commander you planned missions, selected the aircraft and flew the Eurofighter, F22 or F117 Stealth Fighter. 1993

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