Cockpit Manufacturers

ExhibitTitle Comments Year Thumb
Aimsworth "The all-new Aimsworth Viper I is an exacting representation of the real Lockheed F-16 Fighting Falcon cockpit. It is, in all major dimensions, true to the original."
Bkose Avionic
Hagstrom Electronics Keyboard Encoders and Interface Products for Your PC Keyboard, Mouse and USB Inputs. Products which allow customers to interface with their computer's Keyboard, Mouse, USB and Serial inputs in a multitude of ways.
Magnum Aero A high quality collection of joysticks, throttles and cockpit parts.
R&R Electronics Makers of the EPIC card, the electronic brain in most homebuilt cockpits today.
Real Cockpit Real Cockpit - make realistic civil aviation sim components.
Real Simulator Real Simulator are based in Spain and dedicated to manufacturing the most realistic possible F-16 cockpits, seats and rudder controls.
Sim Cockpit System Fresnel lenses and a custom made rig give you an affordable and convincing looking experience.
Simcontrol Simcontrol in the UK have great looking Helicopter controls.
Simpit A retro "full chassis cockpit" which is also a work of art.
Simpits Articles about cockpit building.
Simu-Sphere Manufacturers of the original link trainers now make ingenious faceted display FA18 dome sims.
Simware Simware have a Full motion platform as well as control panels, sticks, yokes, throttles, instruments, headsets and more.
Stimbox Founder John Callan says "One of our customers is the Space Camp at Huntsville, Alabama where there are more than twenty single and two seat Stimbox cockpits."
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Viper Pits F-16 and F/A-18 cockpits

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