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Keith - Ainsworth
Mark - Berent His first four books present stories based around flying the F-4 Phantom during the Vietnam conflict, a subject to which he obviously brings a wealth of personal experience.
Larry - Bond The creator of the Naval Warfare simulation Harpoon. He applies the meticulous mind of a wargamer to writing and his books abound in credible and detailed encounters on land, sea and of course in the air. He co-authored Red Storm Rising with Tom Clancy.
Phil - Broad Phil Broad is a World War 2 aviation enthusiast who has a good collection online of his Mosquito snaps. He also runs a Warbirds Squadron so check it out if you are interested in flying a more up-to-date simulation of the Mosquito.
Dale - Brown Dale Brown is a former USAF captain who logged thousands of hours aboard B-52 and FB-111's. His novels contain detailed recreations of cockpit scenarios.
Tom - Clancy Usually credited as being the author who created the "techno - thriller" genre. He certainly played a major part in it's development by taking traditional "thriller-espionage" genre and added much more technical accuracy and procedural information.
Harold - Coyle A graduate of the Virginia Military Institute, he spent 14 years on active duty with the US Army ranging from Tank Platoon leader to operations officer in Korea.
Frederick - Forsyth Frederick Forsyth is the reknowned author of "The Day of the Jackal". He is totally capable of matching the technical depth of Clancy and cohorts without sacrificing the trademark Forsyth pace.
James - Hallows Author of the Thrustmaster HOTAS Programming Software
Richard - Herman Herman's books populate the world with flawed (real) characters and flawed (real) planes. The stories often emphasise the perspective of the C.O. who has to motivate those characters and develop tactics for difficult tasks.
Len Viking 1 Hjalmarson Len "Viking 1" Hjalmarson was one of the co-founders of Since then he has established himself as one of the few journalists who specialise in combat flight sims.
James - Huston Top Gun graduate James Huston flew F-14's off the USS Nimitz and worked as a Naval Flight Officer before becoming a lawyer and a writer.
Bruce Chino Irving Chino's professional background in Optical Science and Engineering neatly complements his aviation enthusiasms. He has written books on space travel and contributed extensively to the Museum content.
Chino's professional background in Optical Science and Engineering neatly complements his aviation enthusiasms.
Scott - Malensek From Cleveland, Ohio. In addition to his military and political interests, he is also an avid aviculturalist. He has worked all over the United States, but still lives in the Cleveland area. His first novel is Black Rain for Christmas.
David - Poyer Poyer writes great action novels with an authentic feel and displaying a keen insight into human character. I particularly enjoy reading them in the bath, it adds to the immersion!
Robert D. - Shaw
Barret - Tillman His books are gripping reads and abound in "Easter Eggs" for military flight sim nuts. They also put the flying squarely into context as part of larger operations and strategic / tactical goals. They get my highest endorsement.
Jack - Vance
Joe - Weber A former Marine pilot who writes gripping Air Combat Novels. His books always have a strong emphasis on aerial action and Joe's background allows him to flesh out the details.
J.D. - Wetterling Flew 268 combat missions in an F-100 in Vietnam and was awarded two Distinguished Flying Crosses, fourteen Air Medals, and the Vietnamese Cross of Gallantry. He was Top Gun in every fighter squadron in which he served in the USAF.

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