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- P.C. -
- weedhopper -
- MiGMan -
Mungo - -
Gerry - -
Ari - -
- Red5 -
- Splash One - Military aviation background for forty-two years. Just starting to get to grips with PCs!
- Koriel -
Cajun Hawk was one of the very first people to show an interest in the Museum back in 1998 by sending me images of LHX Attack Chopper and a scan of the Advanced Tactical Fighters box back.
Giorgio - -
Gerwin - -
- - -
Keith - Ainsworth
Niko - Airaksinen
Jim - Bailey
Phil - Broad Phil Broad is a World War 2 aviation enthusiast who has a good collection online of his Mosquito snaps. He also runs a Warbirds Squadron so check it out if you are interested in flying a more up-to-date simulation of the Mosquito.
Adrian - Brown
Brian L. - Busse
Francisco J. - Campos I had a 16Kb Speccy by then, so I was only allowed to load the 'Pilot's Test' and the 'Take Off' module. Intercepteur Cobalt just had instrument flight, and for a good reason: it was written entirely in BASIC!
Eduardo - Castro
Tom - Cervo
Dan Crash Crenshaw Dan Crenshaw was for a long time associated with SimHQ. In 2002 he took it upon himself to make a generous donation of sims to the Flight Sim Museum's growing physical collection.
A part of Dan Crenshaw's donation to the Flight Sim Museum collection. A part of Dan Crenshaw's donation to the Flight Sim Museum collection. A part of Dan Crenshaw's donation to the Flight Sim Museum collection. A part of Dan Crenshaw's donation to the Flight Sim Museum collection. A part of Dan Crenshaw's donation to the Flight Sim Museum collection.
Dan Crenshaw made this generous donation of classic flight sims to the Flight Sim Museum Collection.
Dante Mendes - de Patta
Tom - Elliot
Rory - Geoghan
Jos - Grupping Jos Grupping

Jos Grupping
Name: Jos Grupping
About: Jos grew up during World War 2 near Amsterdam. To this day he doesn't enjoy combat flight sims, but he has gotten a lot of enjoyment out of the Microsoft Civil flight simulations.

Fritz - Gunter
Jesper - Hansen
Richard - Hawley
Rob Bomber Henderson My first taste of a computer sim was a game called Time Gate . It was early eighties and the computer, a ZX81.
Dudley - Henriques Dudley Henriques has flown high performance planes for over forty years, including at least seventy different types of airplanes from experimental and prototypes to and fighters, both jet and propeller.
Mark - Hermonat My first experience ever with a flight sim was when I had a job in the media department of a Toronto advertising agency doing research runs on an original IBM XT. Hiding in the corner with all of the other computer documentation was a copy of Microsoft's
Satoshi Bin Hiranuma Satoshi hails from Nagoya in Japan and his site opened a new world to me - that of simulators written for the Japanese market and running on Japanese PC's.
Mike - Hixson { Stealth Fighter} and more
Len Viking 1 Hjalmarson Len "Viking 1" Hjalmarson was one of the co-founders of Since then he has established himself as one of the few journalists who specialise in combat flight sims.
Bruce Chino Irving Chino's professional background in Optical Science and Engineering neatly complements his aviation enthusiasms. He has written books on space travel and contributed extensively to the Museum content.
Dave - Jagger
Frankie - Kam
Demetrius - Kiminas Gamebase 64 is engaged in a collective effort to catalogue and document all Commodore C64 software before it's too late.
Chris - Kraai
Miles - McCorsion
Richard - Muth The SWOTL guy!
Paul - Needham
Oleg - Nosarev
Steve - O'Neill
Stjepan - Pejic
Joe - Reeves
Bob de Janitor Roberts I have known Bob since the Flight Sim Museum opened as MiGMan's Combat Diary in October 1998. He encouraged me from the very beginning and made some of the earliest contributions to the Flight Sim Museum.
Jasen - Rogers
Jan-Albert - van Ree
J.T. - Wenting

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