People: Producers

ExhibitTitle Comments Year Thumb
Bruce - Artwick
Bob - Dinerman
Alex - Ford
Martin - Galway
Dudley - Henriques Dudley Henriques has flown high performance planes for over forty years, including at least seventy different types of airplanes from experimental and prototypes to and fighters, both jet and propeller.
Paul H Hyslop
David - Marshall David Marshall was one of the chief boffins at DI and his experience is indicative of the real world aviation expertise embedded in their products.
Erin - Roberts
Bob de Janitor Roberts I have known Bob since the Flight Sim Museum opened as MiGMan's Combat Diary in October 1998. He encouraged me from the very beginning and made some of the earliest contributions to the Flight Sim Museum.
Damon - Slye A co-founder of Dynamix and the original developer of their 3-D technology, 3Space.
Dave Whiteside has had a long association with developer / publisher Rowan, and been involved with some of the absolute classics of air combat simulation.

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