People: Programmers

ExhibitTitle Comments Year Thumb
Keith - Ainsworth
Sher - Alltucker
Bruce - Artwick
Doug - Attrell
G.R. - Austin
Donald R. - Await
Jim - Bailey
Bill - Baldwin
Scott - Biggs
Thomas - Blom
Joshua - Blyde
Ralph H. - Bosson
Mark - Brennemen
Fritz - Bronner
Randy - Buck
Ed - Bult
David - Burg
Tom - Byrne
Jean-Marc - Chemla
Ann - Clinton
Tim - Conrad
Ray - Cooksey
Carolyn - Cutler
Jennifer - Davis
Randy - Dersham
Herve - Devred
Arthur - DiBianca
Tim - Dickens
Bob - Dinerman
Bernd - Drefhal
Bruno - Duffort
Mike - Eustace
Louise - Fisher
Martin - Galway
Jeff - George
Christian - Gerard
Dana - Glover
Charles - Guy
James - Hallows Author of the Thrustmaster HOTAS Programming Software
Craig - Halverson
Richard - Hawley
Tim - Hayes
Mark - Hermonat My first experience ever with a flight sim was when I had a job in the media department of a Toronto advertising agency doing research runs on an original IBM XT. Hiding in the corner with all of the other computer documentation was a copy of Microsoft's
Karl Dr. K Hetnz
Terry - Hill
Lucinda - Hinton
Len Viking 1 Hjalmarson Len "Viking 1" Hjalmarson was one of the co-founders of Since then he has established himself as one of the few journalists who specialise in combat flight sims.
Ed - Hobbs
Andrew Hofmann worked for Origin and Electronic Arts on Strike Commander.
Keith - Hunt
Lincoln - Hutton
Eric - Hyman
Robert - Irving
Robert Irving worked for Origin and Electronic Arts on Strike Commander.
Paul - Isaac
Brent - Iverson
Peter - Jacobson
Cyrus - Kanga
Prem Krishnan worked for Origin and Electronic Arts on Strike Commander.
Konstantin - Kukushkin
Karl Orca Kuschner
Edward - Lerner
Alain - L'Homme
Bill - Lyons
David - Marshall David Marshall was one of the chief boffins at DI and his experience is indicative of the real world aviation expertise embedded in their products.
Will - McBurnett
David - McClurg
Sid - Meier
Kobe - Miller
Bryce - Morsello
Scott - Nix
Oleg - Nosarev
Greg - Passmore
Bill - Potvin
Prem Krishnan worked for Origin and Electronic Arts on Strike Commander.
Tim - Ray
Jim - Rhoads
Chris - Roberts
Frank - Savage
Gerry - Schmidt
Dr. Martin - Schweiger
Dave - Selle
Zach - Simpson
Damon - Slye A co-founder of Dynamix and the original developer of their 3-D technology, 3Space.
Christopher - Steele
Phil - Sulak
Jason - Templeman
Bob - Tremblay
Dennis - Wasnich
Dave Whiteside has had a long association with developer / publisher Rowan, and been involved with some of the absolute classics of air combat simulation.
Jeff - Wilson
An industry veteran from FS2 to JF4.

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