How to view the free videos

Air Combat and Aviation Videos at the Flight Sim Museum - - - Note as of September 2009 the videos are all hosted at YouTube - Flight Sim Museum channel at You Tube
2010 - The information below is redundant as the videos can all be viewed here - Flight Sim Museum channel at You Tube

Previews only? Where is the full video ?

The video segments in the Flight Sim Museum are mostly previews - about 30 seconds in length.

Below each video you will see a link to a ZIP FILE of the full video.

  1. Right mouse on the link

  2. Select "Save link as..."

  3. Browse to a folder on your hard drive - you might make one called "Downloads" or "Videos"

  4. When it has finished saving, open the ZIP FILE with a utility such as WINZIP - click here to download a demo - or - CUTE ZIP

  5. Extract (by dragging) the video to a place of your choice

  6. Double click on it to play in Windows Media Player, or use my preferred media player - Winamp

The videos won't play?

The embedded videos in the Flight Sim Museum sometimes work best in Internet Explorer, available for free at

However nowadays more and more people use an alternate web browser such as Firefox, because it has better security and features such as tabbed browsing. To see the embedded videos in Firefox you may need to install the free update : IE Tab - search for it here - Firefox free add-ons. Then with a simple right-mouse-click you can tell Firefox to reload the web page using the Internet Explorer engine.

Sometimes in Firefox you might have to grab the video "slider control" with the mouse and drag it a bit to get the picture showing.

Links to a couple of videos in the Flight Sim Museum

Click on the image to go to the video.

Fighter Ace 3.5 MiG-29  Fulcrum by Novalogic - 1998 Alpha Sim's Eurofighter for MSFS2004 has a working radar display, allowing you to make Air intercepts

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