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"Alien pig abduction" "I was in "free flight" mode of my Microsoft Combat Flight Sim, flying a Spitfire over England, when believe it or not, I came upon a U.F.O. in the act of abducting a pig! .. " 2006
"It made me realise once again how far Sims have come." "F-19 Stealth Fighter I remember from a night shift in Ijmuiden. A colleague had put the damned game on our Hydro/Meteo computer and played it for hours. As you probably know you can't turn out the engine noise and everyone was going mad because of that ghastly whistling noise. To make a long story short, at 0330 in the morning there was a thunder storm outside and my colleague had to go to the bathroom. .." 1999
A good source on so many flight sims 2001
A great amount of info. 1999
A personal dream of mine 2001
A trip down memory lane 2001
A very unique dedication to a form of Art 2001
All those flying hours are coming back to me now 2001
Almost 30, but still addicted 2001
B-24 - 1988 "This was a decent sim for the time.. .. .. " 2007
Best simulation of the WWI air war I have found "Knights of the Sky is the best simulation of the WWI air war I have found. .. " 2006
Bestest flight simulation web is the bestest flight simulation web!
Liu "ePilot" Li (from China)
Chuck Yeager's Air Combat "I am including some shots of Chuck Yeager's Air Combat. (Don't tell anyone else this but it was fun to play again. I just love cutting into a B-17 box in a Focke-Wulf 190 with guns blazing. Bloody magic and the game includes blackouts and stalls)." 1999
'Chuck Yeagers Air Combat' under XP 2005
Completely overcome by the memories this site stirred up. " Iím actually surprised how little of this type of simulation comes out anymore.. .. .. " 2007
Consider it among the best of Aviation sim sites Although my focus is on Armor and Tanks I would like to make an exception for adding a link to the MiGman site because of its quality and content. 2000
DOS Box - SVGA Harrier Assault 2006
DOS problems THANKYOU SO MUCH! I had no idea it was so simple 2001
F/A-18 Interceptor on AMIGA 2006
Falcon 3.0 " Falcon 3.0 section really brought back some memories. Still have the manual, maps and Pete Bonnani's book. Have ordered Falcon 4.0 from EBworld and hopefully it will land in Oz next week." 1999
Falcon 3.0 Dos version 2005
Flight Sim paradise! "My most highest salute to the man who makes this site as righteous as it is! This is definitely a bookmark moment for me. I will come back often and revel in this Flight Sim paradise!" 2000
Good to see flight sims are alive and well "I purchased Microsoft Combat Flight Simulator 2 and I love it! A far cry from monochrome wire frame graphics with little or no game missions other than take off and landings using a keyboard as flight controls!" 2001
Great site you have here!! 2005
Gunship by Microprose "Nice article, though I think it has two noteable exceptions. The first helo sim, Gunship by Microprose which was line drawn, not even shaded, just monochrome wireframes. Also from EA and Brent Iverson in 1990, LHX Attack Chopper ." 1999
Have to compliment you too on your awesome site. "There's really an incredible amount of information. Especially on all the flight-sims. I've enjoyed reading many of your reviews, and must say most represented my personal view on these sims. Keep it up." SpeedOne 1999
Hi MiGMan, LOVE your site! "I remember when a good friend and I would sit down for an entire weekend and play Pilot-Copilot with F15 Strike Eagle 3. One of the best forefront sims out there!" 1999
I am so proud of your Olympic section "As a fellow Aussie. I am so proud of your Olympic section on your site. I am from Sydney myself. I got home early that night from the F-111 flight because I had to fly out overseas the next day. Travelling overseas telling people about the Olympics was probably one of my proudest times during overseas in Asia and Europe." 2000
I certainly appreciate your efforts "Seems like your taste in sims is very close to mine, since virtually every sim I plan on playing (not enough time right NOW, but soon I hope) is covered - very deeply - on your site. PLEASE keep up the GREAT work!!!!!!!!!! " 1999
I have wasted my life .. set the scene: Comic Book guy from Simpsons just when the bomb is about to hit him .. 2001
I just finished reading A Citizen Soldier in the Air I just finished reading "A Citizen Soldier in the Air". I just am always amazed at these guys. Great article, Thanks. 2006
I was a combat pilot in the Royal Navy flying Vickers Supermarine Scimitar F1s "I will be getting some flightsim software soon and was checking out your site when I noticed my name was the same as yours. For info I was a combat pilot in the Royal Navy flying Vickers Supermarine Scimitar F1s. Originally designed as an interceptor its high altitude manoeuvering left a lot to be desired. It was eventually alocated to ground attack where its very high tolerance to G forces made it quite a hot rod. I have only flown civilian helicopters so your sim packages might fill the gap."
John Flexman
Mon 21 Nov 2005
Independence War 2005
JF2 and XP with DOSBoxÖ 2005
Keep up the great work 2001
Lost in memory lane! 2001
Moving control surfaces "Never before had I seen a flight sim actually show the effects of the flight control system actively stabilizing the aeroplane as I had seen the first time in EF 2000." 1999
Multiple monitors Multiple monitors are easy nowadays.. .. 2005
My first Sim was Sub Logic Jet 2001
My only "complaint" - lack of sleep! "My own! It's that good! The breakdown of the flight sims alone, by specific year and with individual comment and reference(s) is, by itself, worth the gander not to mention everything else.. " 2001
Nice website Nice website MiGMan. I've got you bookmarked for future browsing. 1999
No Flight sims "Up till about 3 months ago my Game collection had no Flight sims in it at all." 2001
Operation Flash Point: Resistance 2005
Other space flight sim games "Gunship Elite - almost arcade style space fighter sim.. .. .. " 2006
PC sim ("DC-10" ?) with no graphics "Somewhere in my files I have a copy of the DC-10 manual for a PC sim ("DC-10" ?) with no graphics other than a character-based flat 'cockpit' of crude gauges. .. .. .." 2006
Right engine should be started first In your Take-off Checklist in the F/A-18E Super Hornet the Right engine should be started first as this provides power to the Hyd system (so it say's in the manual). Sorry if you think this is "petty" i just thought with a great site like yours everything should be perfect ! 2000
Run from a USB thumbdrive or bootable CD? "I fell in love with this sim the year it came out. I have an "vintage" 486DX2 @ 66 that I keep in the attic just so I can run this game. It is the perfect balance between "arcade" and "realistic simulation". Are you aware of any resources that enable this to be run from a USB thumbdrive or bootable CD? " 2006
Salute to every flight simmer 2005
Super Huey 2007
Thanks for a great Saitek page "Thanks for a great Saitek page It's one of the best resources on the web." 1999
Thanks for keeping this invaluable repository online. "It remains one of the classic flight sim sites that all simmers should be aware of. Always brings back many good memories, and I'm surprised at how many sims I never new existed! Great work bud!"
James "Nutty" Hallows - - Fri 23 Sep 2005
Thanks for the comments on my simulator. "Only someone like yourself who have built their own cockpit can appreciate the amount of work that goes into one of these 'projects' I estimate that I am about 40% completed, and the hydraulics are going to be the last implemented. Us Aussies must stick together!!!" 1999
Thanks for the effort! "I have been visiting your websites many times so far, and tonight I spent wonderful hours at the Flight Sim Museum; - I just wanted to give you a big thumbs up for the website, it has been a favorite place to visit for a long time so far, and it will be." 2001
Thanks for your little review of Gunship 2001
The best and most complete archive of the history of PC air combat sims.. "MiGMan's Flight Sim Museum is the best and most complete archive of the history of PC air combat sims on the web. Keep up the great work! "
DH - - Thu 11 Aug 2005
The days of LCD flight sims I also remember the days of LED flight sims, and I even went so far as to write a TI calculator sim of "hyper" space travel. I don't have it anymore, and I doubt I could recreate it, not that I'd even want to! 2001
Their finest Hour the Battle of Britain "But there was one I considered very important and couldn't find, it was "Their finest Hour the Battle of Britain" by Lawrence Holland and Lucasfilm games." 2006
There is a lot going on on your site "The last time I discovered your site I said, "this is real neat" - I didn't realize at the time is that there is a lot going on on your site and things are constantly updated." 2001
There is always something that surprises you! "Last time I saw a old magazine and a ad from Digital Integration that reminded me of going to the U.K to pick up a copy of Fighter Pilot. My wife (girlfriend then) thought it was for a romantic weekend ;< ) man, i was hooked !! It all ended with me and my wife owning a real flightsim-shop, and we still love it." 1999
They represent why I never had many friends in grade school ... I was too busy flying. 2001
This page is the BEST! "I have always wanted to find a page like this one. I like the section where there was the first MiG-29 Fulcrum - 1990 by Domark. MiG-29 Fulcrum - (Novalogic - 1998) - What a difference between the two games! Anything that has to do with the MiG-29, I like." 1999
Thrustmaster manuals and drivers 2006
Thrustmaster Mark II FCS "Might you have any suggestions as to where one might be able to procure an original or copy of this operating software disk?" 2005
Tornado Album "Has any come across the Tornado Album released and avilable when the flight sim Tornado was released. If you know of the album or no anyone has got it I would be very interested in listening to it, still trying to track down a copy on ebay." 2006
Very nice site! Very nice site! - Gabe Turk / Microprose, Inc 1999
We all thought we were so high tech back then! "I love your museum!! It brought back a lot of great fun memories. Scary to think what we will think of Falcon 4.0 in 12 years huh?" 1999
What can I say? - Ace! "You've done a great job portraying all the necessary flight info in one easy to understand place. There are very few other places up to your quality and commitment. Well done!" 2001
Where can i buy those keyboard cover for flight simulators? 2007
X-Plane 2001
You are one helluva flight sim enthusiast "I have a degree in Physics, and love aeronautics and astronautics.." 2001
Your guide to disassembling the stick was a tremendous help ".. it inspired me to actually do something with it ( and a need to fly Falcon 4.0. I followed your instructions (Saitek), lubed the pots and Hey Presto a working X36" 1999
Your site brought a tear to my eye " MiGMan hahaha great site ... and thanks for refreshing my memory about things. I loved the Falcon 3.0 yeah it was lame, but back then we didn't have cinematic surround sound like heavy metal F15 by Janes type intro clips/ soundtracks , and even though I love the bass thumping , Guitar gut wrenching cinematics/ soundtracks of today's sims , the sound clip of the Falcon 3 music on your site brought a tear to my eye . man I missed that . Almost made me reload Falcon gold......nah...T minus 5 days and counting to Falcon 4.0 ...damn , I can now die happy." 1999
Your site has been a great catalyst "in fostering my fledgling ideas of constructing a home built simulator .." 2000
Your site is WICKED!!!! 2001
Your web site is beautiful, and gave me some emotions "F-19 Stealth Fighter. - I still remember one night I went Back to the office, where my 286 was, just to play it until 3 AM. Driving back home I still remembered those red pentagon that were designating Ground Targets." 2000

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