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Aviation education and learning websites

Aeronautics Resource developed by LTP at the Glenn Research Center (NASA)
- guides on various aeronautic principles, fun activities to teach students by example, and web-based simulations with pre and post-simulation exercises. Lots and lots of resources including -

A GREAT little site for anyone preparing to be a private pilot and/or take the FAA written exams.
Chino reported : " This guy has done a wonderful job. He lets you pick the number of questions for each "mini-test" so it's perfect for those little breaks at work. He also gives you the right and wrong answers and FAA references along with your score. Cool, cool, cool! This is a great supplement to the FliteSchool software or any other test preparation method. "

See How It Flies
Chino reported : " -- a new spin on the perceptions, procedures, and principles of flight. This is an online book, with 20 chapters, 140,000 words, and over 280 color illustrations.
An amazing blend of practical flight tips and physics. This is in some ways the modernized version of the classic book "Stick and Rudder" "