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Flight Sim and Game Websites

aviation stories

Cold War

Gordon Permann's site www.web-birds.com/permann/permann.phpl has pictures and stories from the Cold War - specifically his encounters with Russian Aviators at sea - great reading!

Flight Simulation websites

Flight Simulation websites - Microsoft flight sims

- addon developers

- download library and tutorials

www.codebloat.com - satirical articles on PC's and PC games, always good for a cheering chuckle or two. This web link is no longer valid

- the largest resource covering all genres of military simulation - air, land and sea.

Computer Pilot magazine
- monthly flight sim magazine, with cover CD

www.dogfighter.com This web link is no longer valid

Easter Eggs in Flight Sims
- fun stuff in games, hidden by the programmers

www.fsaviation.net  >> 2006 update - web page is gone << 

- articles, download library, news

- downloads

http://www.furballmag.com This web link is no longer valid

History of Flight Simulatoris a project by Jos Grupping dedicated to the history of (Microsoft) Flight Simulator.

www.fsfield.com- The Scenery Hall of Fame - Scenery, ac etc

Garry J. Smith's FORUMS on repainting aircraft and other FS beginner help

The Official Microsoft Flight Simulator website

Microsoft Flight Simulator display settings

www.microwings.com This web link is no longer valid

http://milehigh.mysimflight.com - MileHigh Productions - FlightSim Videos  >> 2006 update - web page is gone << 

http://oceaniasim.net - Oceania sim - Pacific enhancements >> 2006 update - web page is gone << 

The Old Flight Simulator Vaultby Jos Grupping

www.pc-arena.com - PC Arena -  >> 2006 update >> - site has changed hands - flight sim content gone

PC Pilot Magazine


www.planesimulation.com - essential FS2002 utilities

http://www.satpac.org/vatpac - Virtual Air Traffic Pacific  >> 2006 update - web page is gone << 

The Scenery Hall of Fame

www.sim-arena.com This web link is no longer valid

http://compsimgames.miningco.com - Simulation Games Guide at about.com  >> 2006 update >>  not much flight sim info these days

- news and reviews, and hardware relevant for simmers

- The simFlight Network consists of a multitude of flight simulator news sites, covering many languages and areas around the world, and also hosting a fair number of flight simulator user communities via forums and other means. Also see FSAddon

- articles, downloads, news

Tony Smith's MSFS links

- multiplayer - virtual airlines

http://volftp.mytech.it  >> 2006 update - web page is gone << 

Australian upgrades

http://www.fscene.com/australia-page.phpl Ruud Faber's acclaimed scenery textures

http://portal.fsgenesis.net/- Australian Terrain Mesh 76.4m. Payware - quite cheap, good value, makes a heck of a difference. Sydney-siders will notice immediately that the harbour foreshores now have decent elevations.

http://www.fsaviation.com/terrashop/ - Australian Roads and waterways

http://vistaoz.org/ - Vista Australis contains new textures, new Oz autogen, new trees, roads etc etc to suit the land down under.

www.satpac.org/ - Terra Australis - Australian mesh scenery  >> 2006 update - web page is gone << 

http://www.aussim.com.au has all things Australian for MSFS.

MSFS settings

These links were posted by PAJ at http://vistaoz.org

Helicopter websites

These sites have free aircraft, missions and scenery.

SimHQ.com - check out their Combat Helo section.

www.sim-arena.com This web link is no longer valid

Helicopter Reference sites

Helicopters only.com

www.geocities.com/CapeCanaveral/Hangar/1425/index.phpl - The Helicopter Page - Glen S. Bloom - an ex US Army helo pilot explores how helicopters work. >> 2006 update - web page is gone << 

http://www.ai.mit.edu/projects/cbcl/heli/helo_aero.phpl#concepts - Helicopter Aerodynamics by Paul Cantrell  >> 2006 update - web page is gone << 

Game sites

These sites are in the general game press and ocassionally feature flight sim products.

Adrenaline Vault

Computer Gamer Online

www.gamebasement.com This web link is no longer valid

GameCenter at cnet

www.gamesdomain.com  >> 2006 update - web page is gone << 



www.gonegold.com - Gone Gold.com  >> 2006 update - web page is gone << 

www.quartertothree.com - Quarter to Three.com  >> 2006 update - web page is gone << 



Jim Dattilo has set up an area for finding work at sim sites - HERE

Retro and Classic Game sites


Back in Time - by Mike Stulir covers Atari systems, emulators, unreleased protoypes.

Atari Historical Society - is maintained by Curt Vendel

The Digital Antic Project - is creating an online archive of Antic, the magazine devoted to Atari 8-bit machines.


Amiga Games Database Main site

www.amiga.com - Commodore Amiga home page.  >> 2006 update - web page is gone << 

Commodore 64 Web ring

Commodore 64 Emulators

Gamebase 64 - a collective effort to catalogue and document all Commodore C64 software before it's too late.


A FAQ on DOS screengrabbers at www.mobygames.com - here - www.mobygames.com/info/faq6#f8 -  >> 2006 update - web page is gone << 

www.geocities.com/raceintospace has useful info on running DOS emulators under Windows XP.


Australian Computer Museum Society - they need your help to save the physical history of personal computing.

The Obsolete Computer Museum

The Retro Computer Gallery - has Acorn, Atari, Amstrad through to the ZX81.


Abandonware Pirates ? - good article which explains Abandonware.

www.abandonworld.com -  >> 2005 update - web page is gone << 

The Underdogs - has a wealth of information on old games and games developers with some games available for download. I had problems in 2005 with the site crashing both Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox.

Classic Gaming.com - has heaps of good info and links to Hugh Falk's many published stories on gaming.

The Flight Sim Museum - chronicles the history of Flight Sims from 1980 to today in pictures, animations, sounds and words. More here - About MiGMan's Flight Sim Museum.

Andreas Toepper's - instructions on running FS1 under a TRS-80 emulator.

http://groups.yahoo.com/group/FA_LIB_Center_3/files/Manual - Download the manual for Fighters Anthology >> 2006 update - web page is gone << 

The History of Flight Simulator - a project by Jos Grupping dedicated to the history of (Microsoft) Flight Simulator.

IC When - a chronological history of Video Games by Donald A. Thomas Jr. Donald spent many years at Atari and has an insider's knowledge of the industry. This site is a hub for info and news about classic games.

MobyGames - a huge database of PC games created by Jim Leonard and Brian Hirt. This is a fully relational database you can use to explore your favourite game genre. You can also add your own reviews and data.

Oldskool.org - has heaps of info on running DOS and other games

/www.oldskool.org/pc/help/oldonnew - The Oldskool Guide to Getting Old Software Running on Newer PCs  >> 2006 update - web page is gone << 

O'Shea Ltd - have 1,300,000 Atari / Jaguar Video Game Cartridges in stock selling at $0.80 each and heaps of other game hardware bargains - inlcuding the Aura Interactor

Aura Interactor - Force Feedback on your body!

http://retrogamer.merseyworld.com/ This web link is no longer valid Retrogamer - Keith Ainsworth has a paper based fanzine that has great articles and interviews with some of the legends of video gaming and a lot of hard - to - get games for sale.

Tips on running DOS games - lots of Flight sims covered!

The Vintage Gaming Network - all the software for emulating your favourite old console machines and the classic gaming computers of the 1980's on your PC.


www.nvg.ntnu.no/sinclair/index2.php - Planet Sinclair is the largest web site devoted to the Sinclair machines and games.  >> 2006 update - web page is gone << 

Sinclair Spectrum Emulator fans will enjoy Jasper - a Java based ZX Spectrum emulator. Check out these examples in the Flight Sim Museum- Combat Lynx and Tomahawk.


www.kjsl.com/trs80 - The (unofficial) TRS-80 Home Page  >> 2006 update - web page is gone <<