Peter Inglis in an RAAF F-111 at Amberley Air Force base, 1995.
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July 14th, 2000

Proflight, the Tornado sim by Hisoft for Atari St and Amiga (1990).
Exhibit: Proflight

Year: 1990
Developer: HiSoft
Publisher: HiSoft
Platform: Atari ST, Commodore Amiga
Collection: No.
Comments: Proflight was one of the first flight sims I saw on a personal computer. I had bought an Atari ST to arrange and print music for my string quartet and included in the package was a demo of this amazingly fluid sim, running at 600 x 400 pixels (in monochrome).

Stjepan Pejic spent some time in Proflight and I've added his reminiscences HERE

Team Yankee

A classic tank sim based on the book by Harold Coyle - Team Yankee

Trouble in the Solomos Islands

F-29 Retaliator by Digital Image Design

Yes - that's not a typo - the "Solomos Islands".

One of the most exciting sims around in 1990 F-29 Retaliator it set new standards in blazing speed.

If you've seen the new X-Men movie (XMen 1) - their aircraft has a few of the design features of the hypothetical F-29. Interestingly the pilot (Cyclops) used what looked like a CH Pro joystick - quite appropriate - and the MFD's were pretty sexy too. In fact they get special mention in the credits as Nav Displays. And how about the Liquid Crystal Display type Cockpit windows which convert to Night Vision - pretty cool!

HUD elements
MFD options
Weapons Loadout
1. Arizona - Training

  • Descriptions
  • Targets - Weapons
  • Map
2. Pacific
  • Targets - Weapons
  • Map
3. Middle East
  • Targets - Weapons 
  • more
  • Map
4. Europe
  • Targets - Weapons
  • Map
Air to Air
Box contents:
The Box Front
The Box Back
The Manual cover
1990 magazine advertisement
1990 magazine advertisement

Operation Harrier - or Tomcat?

Operation Harrier - 1990 - had an F-14 Tomcat on the cover advertising a Harrier sim - maybe the writers of JAG were involved? They seem to confuse Northrop F-5's with MiG's...... Operation Harrier cover art

Nostalgia Jukebox

Falcon 3.0

Hear the Midi files or download them - these tunes bring a tear to the eye of any veteran combat-flight-simmer. - Falcon 3.0 midi files soundtrack.

The first Tornado sim?

Proflight - the first Tornado sim

Proflight was one of the first flight sims I saw on a personal computer. I had an Atari ST - bought strictly for business use mind you - and I believe Proflight even ran on the Atari Monochrome monitor. In fact I'm sure it did - high res - 600 x 400 pixels ? Pretty amazing for the time.

1942: Pacific Air War (1994)

1942 - Pacific Air War was a World War II air and sea combat simulation from MicroProse -- you could regard it as the spiritual predecessor to the wonderful European Air War.

Chino shared this anecdote about the hazards of getting your gear up in a Grumman 1942: Pacific Air War (1994)

" One strange thing about the F4F Wildcat was that Grumman decided to save weight and complexity by having the gear retract manually (they dropped by gravity). There was a small crank on the left side of the cockpit, on or near the floor. It required something like 20 turns on a VERY stiff crank to get them up...

READ ON - 1942: Pacific Air War (1994)

Mark Berent

Mark Berent - what's he up to these days?

Mark Berent spent over 20 years in the USAF, logging over 4,350 hours, more than 1,000 in combat.

During his three tours in the war, Berent earned the Silver Star, two DFCs, over two dozen Air Medals, A Bronze Star, the Vietnamese Cross of Gallantry, and the Legion of Merit.

His first four books concentrate on the F-4 Phantom aviation in the Vietnam conflict, to which he obviously brings a wealth of personal experience. There are also great descriptions of FAC missions, Wild Weasel and Special Ops on the ground. - Mark Berent

Microcosmic God

A reminiscence about Command and Conquer - which has taken up too much of my time over the years! Also a walkthrough of GDI Mission 15.

Command and Conquer
Exhibit: Command and Conquer

Publisher: Westwood
Platform: PC | (various) consoles
Collection: Yes
Comments: A ground breaking innovater in the 1990s which brought real-time drama to the concept of table-top gaming. And obviated the need to read the rules and carry 16-sided dice!