Peter Inglis in an RAAF F-111 at Amberley Air Force base, 1995.
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28th July, 2000

Cockpits Galore

Eurofighter Typhoon - Cockpit Eurofighter Typhoon - Cockpit

It was about time I swept the broom through the Cockpit section. - Home Built cockpits more at

Keeping the Skies Safe in 1995

Vincent Jamart takes us on Combat Air Patrol with Psygnosis in 1995. (2008 note - article is orphaned)

News Archives Created

News Archives

I've created a system of archiving the news week by week. To read the old news just click here -


MiGMan Cockpit Collections is pleased to offer the chance to win a FREE Keyboard Control Cover for MiG Alley

We will be giving away one per week from August through October.

How do you enter?

Just sign up for MiGMan's free weekly newsletter and each week we will pick a name at random from the barrel to receive their free prize.


Hot Harrier

Harrier Jump Jet by Microprose

Ralph Clark found a copy of Microprose's Classic Harrier Jump Jet (1992) and kindly sent in some scans.

When is a flight sim not a flight sim?

Flight Commander 2 - a turn-based combat war game.

Chino shows us how he occupies his time in motel rooms on road trips. - Flight Commander 2

RAM pack madness

Sinclair ZX-81 Flight Sims ran in 1 K of memory (1024 bytes).

Julian "Gremlin" Sallows earned his nickname from the owner of the Spectrum Shop according to local folklore! ... read on ZX-81 Flight Sims

Classic Air Combat Guides

Art of the Kill by Pete Bonnanil Falcon 3 Official guide (1994)  The Official EF2000 Strategy Guide
  • SimTech's EF2000 guide- This is probably the best strategy guide ever, for one of the best sims ever. SImTech's EF2000 guide is a Classic Air Combat Guide - still a good read today, and essential if you have.
  • Falcon 3 Official guide (1994)
  • Art of the Kill: AOTK is not as much a sim strategy guide as it is a brief introduction to BFM and ACM.

Sim packaging

Enemy Engaged - Comanche versus Hokum - 2000 - Helicopter Gunship action in dynamic, living environments.

Box artwork and package contents for Enemy Engaged - Comanche vs Hokum

It's All Hot Air!

Sinclair ZX-81 Flight Sims ran in 1 K of memory (1024 bytes).

Gareth "Goon" Evans painted a sobering picture of days gone by with this screenshot of Hot Air Ballooning on the Sinclair ZX-81 - ZX-81 Flight Sims