Peter Inglis in an RAAF F-111 at Amberley Air Force base, 1995.
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May 7th 2001

Chuck Yeager talks

Chuck Yeager's Advanced Flight Trainer

I have one hour of free audio here for your pleasure and edification!. Listen to Chuck talk about Test Piloting and Dogfighting. - Chuck Yeager's Advanced Flight Trainer

The Integrated Fighter Pilot

Fighter Pilot by Digital Integration.

Fighter Pilot by Digital Integration was the first combat flight simulation from the British developer Digital Integration.

There were a number of successive versions created for several platforms over a period of a few years, which makes it harder to determine the release date of the original, but it was probably in 1983. The game earned distinction of being the first attempt at simulating the undoubtedly complex F-15 Eagle interceptor.

Microsoft Flight Simulator 4

Tom Long told me - " At the time I received this I was computing on a Zenith 286 based laptop with a 20Mb hard drive running at 40Mb with Doublespace." - Microsoft Flight Simulator 4

Apr 25th 2001 gave MiGMan's Combat Diary and the Flight Sim Museum an award for contributions to classic gaming.

Stereo glasses. has reviews of all the stereo glasses.

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