Peter Inglis in an RAAF F-111 at Amberley Air Force base, 1995.
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May 21st 2001

Flight of the Intruder

Flight of the Intruder

Lars Gramkow Nielsen sent in a magazine preview dated 1989. I've turned it into a clickable image so you can zoom in and see what made this sim so special. - Flight of the Intruder

B-17 Flying Fortress

B-17 Flying Fortress in action.

Tom Duffy sent in some new links for the B-17 Flying Fortress links.

Visitor's Book

After searching high and low for some answers to my problems with the Saitek X36F/X35T joystick and flight controller I came across: "Fix your Saitek joysticks and throttles" - a wealth of information!

Saitek in the Hardware Gallery

Well done Migman, its good to see flight sims are alive and well. My first experience with a flight simulator was 20 years ago! Now I consider myself an "Armchair Pilot", but very few people I know use flight sims so we are few and far between.

I purchased Microsoft Combat Flight Sim 2 and I love it! A far cry from Flight Simulator 1's monochrome wire frame graphics - with little or no game missions other than take off and landings using a keyboard as flight controls!

Great site!

Dominique Denais
Caboolture Electrical

Dominique Denais - armchair pilot

F-16 thrills and spills

F-16 Combat Pilot

This sim was a classic. I first played it in the 1980's on an Atari ST. The scenery was very basic but the cockpit was awesome! I used to fly on instruments most of the time and play with the comprehensive information available on the 3 Multi-Function Displays.

John "Bushmaster" Yasar took some photos of F16 Combat Pilot playing on a TV monitor.

Programming the sims

This is a good article on Voxel Landscape Engines as used in the Novalogic sims.

Sim sites in a taildive?

Mike Clark has an interesting editorial at The Mag - FS news on the issues facing flight sim sites. Well worth a read.- - "Are our Flight Simulation sites dying?" This web link is no longer valid >>


I added a few new links to Women in Aviation

Flight Mags

PC Pilot magazine

PC Pilot Magazine: How I discovered this magazine

Stealthy Lightning

F-22 Interceptor - 1991. F-22 Interceptor - 1991.

Ray Cooksey drew my attention to this Sega Genesis sim which was written by Edward Lerner, who also wrote Chuck Yeager's Advanced Flight Trainer. - F-22 Interceptor